O’Connor is Sanford Vermillion PRIDE Employee of the Month

Candy O'Connor, outpatient coordinator, was selected as the Sanford Vermillion November 2010 PRIDE Employee of the Month. She has been employed here since April, 2003.

"I set up a lot of appointments for the residents at the Care Center and Candy is always so efficient and knowledgeable about everything and always a big help letting me know what I need to do."Pictured are Tim Tracy, CEO, Candy O'Connor, November Employee of the Month, and Shelly Bendert, corporate compliance officer.

"Candy is very helpful and welcoming to patients. She's always a team player and a joy to work with. She is well deserving of this award."

"You can always count on Candy to have an answer to any question one might have. If she doesn't know the answer she usually knows how to get the answer for you. She always knows the right questions to ask when a patient or co-worker needs help. You can always rely on Candy to make you smile if you are having an off day."

"Candy is a valuable employee to our department because she is very detailed and is very good with patients.

She makes sure patients are greeted as soon as they enter the department and if they have any concerns Candy makes sure their concerns are addressed right away," said Shelly Bendert, corporate compliance/outpatient department manager.

Candy is a native of Vermillion. She and her husband Harry reside in rural northeast Vermillion. They have three children.

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