Sesquicentennial Highlights

Some bottled honey, that was saved by R. A. Morgan, is on display at the Over Museum. The collection was given to the museum by his daughter, Annadell Morgan. The collection consists of 34 bottles dating from 1882 to 1925, each bottle labeled with a copper tag.

The Eagles Lodge, which believes in doing good things for the people of Clay County, gave 27 baskets of food to needy families to help brighten their Christmas.

A truck from Wagner, SD that was loaded with a double deck of 300 pound hogs, tipper over at the intersection of Main Street and Highway 50 in Meckling. Two hogs were injured and the rest ran free through the town. It took a number of men several hours to round them up and coral them in the stockyards.

Bud Christenson, Manager at the Council Oak store for a number of years has resigned his position. He has not decided upon his future plans.

Being Leap Year the womens chances are good in Clay County as they are in a field of diamonds and rice. The men better be prepared as there are 995 single men and only 557 single women in Clay County.

O. S. Olson is the only business man in Vermillion that has been in the business district since 1894. Past 80 years of age he still sits cross-legged on his table and mends and sews as he did those days long ago.

A new addressograph machine has been added to the Plain Talk equipment. It will address 5,000 papers per hour. Until this time a paper label has been pasted on each individual paper.

The Civic Council completed another active year in Vermillion. They furnished crackers, straws and napkins to be used in the public schools. Two boxes of clothing was packed and sent to Europe. Six children were sent to Camp Wanzer. Two dozen "Cheer" boxes, prepared by the Sunshine Circle and were paid for by the Civic Council were distributed in Vermillion. The women of Vermillion are "club-minded." If you don't believe it read the society columns of the Plain Talk. They organize clubs on every pretext and with no pretext at all. Right now they are on the verge of promoting an automatic washing machine club with president and secretary and dainty refreshments served by the hostess and all the other frills. Of course, as with most clubs, the principal purpose will be to get together and guzzle and grabble. But the program will have to do with the relative advantages of automatic washers. You know the kind they can put in the parlor beside the piano and then read magazines while the machine does the washing. It's a far cry from the days when our mothers put a tub on two chairs in the kitchen, heated water in a boiler on the kitchen stove, and rubbed out the dirt on a washboard. But I am in favor of the innovation. I know all about it. I just got stuck for one of the things.

Eighty two building applications were approved by the city engineer and city zoning board the past year. Of this number there were 42 applications for new homes and 18 approvals for new or improvements on present business establishments.

The Sioux Locker Company, the complete frozen food processing plant, has home cured bacon for 59 cents per lb. Genuine tenderized hams are 57 cents per lb. Phone 538.

It was Feb. 13, 1948, when Fay Steward called the Plain Talk to say that the first robin was chirping gleefully on his lawn.  Now that's an "early bird."Coming!! Vermillion Maid bread.  Watch for it.Hinchliff's Market has chopped prices for Washington's Birthday.

There are 83 veterans of the Civil War living. At least that's what the paper says. It is 83 years since the close of the Civil War. That means that a boy who was 17 years old at the end of the war, would now be 100 years old.

WATCH OR WHITTLE: If you are the kind of a fellow who likes to sit in the sun on a street corner and whittle or watch the people go by, here's some information which may help you.  The information was obtained by the Business Research Class at USD. For the Watchers and Whittlers, the busiest corners in order are the Walpole Drug corner, The National Bank corner, the Firestone corner and the JoEllen corner. Next in order are the Tavern corner and March Theatre corner. All six corners are given so you can move with the sun. The four new 1948 Model Kaiser-Frazer cars are now available at Bowman Motor Company at the corner of West Main and Highway 19. We invite you to see, drive and compare them today.

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