Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

1947 continued

Mr. Frank Olds owner of Olds Furniture Store received a letter recently that told him not to accept a check from a relative of the letter writer.  Several days later the suspect did enter the furniture store and asked to buy a cedar chest.  Mr. Rye Turner, employee of the store, was suspicious of the man.  He asked Herman Berke to go and notify the police.  Mr. Turner stalled the customer until the authorities walked in.  The customer then left by the back door saying he was stepping out to get a cup of coffee.  Mr. Turner suggested he go to the Chimes Café, which he did, and it was there he was apprehended.  Later it was discovered that he was wanted in Deadwood for obtaining money under false pretenses.  The Sheriff from Deadwood and his deputy came to take the man back to Deadwood to face charges. Thanks to Mr. Turner for his alertness that led to the arrest of this check artist.

 The Mighty Mite of Rhythm and Song, Doraine Lewis, will be playing nightly from 9:00 pm to 2:30 am at Pheasant Acres.  This blond hepcat has just completed engagements at the Frolics Lounge and Dome Lounge in Minneapolis.  Dinners are served from 5:00 pm to ?????

 Elsie has been quite a sensation ever since she made her debut on Main Street on Tuesday, Elsie, Borden's personality cow, can be seen "Chewing her cud": in the window of the new Skaggs Store.

 The Vermillion Plain Talk announced this week; July 3, 1947 of the purchase of Vermillion's other newspaper "The Dakota Republican".  This brings to a close the 24 year relationship of Austin H. Lathrop and J. B. Townsley.  The history of Mr. Lathrop states the Republican was founded in July of 1861 by T. Elwood Clark and James Bedwell.  Many owners kept the news flowing to Clay County residents for many years.  This is the end of an era.

 This week the Plain Talk is running a story about the July Fourth Celebration in 1861 for the history lovers.  "A picnic was held at Knowles' grove.  They read the Declaration of Independence, held a soldiers parade and folk dancing highlighted the celebration in Vermillion.  The story was told by Mrs. Oscar Olson who had heard her mother tell the story so many times.  Mrs. Olson's mother was a Vermillion pioneer, Britta Bottolfson Myron who came here in 1859.  Knowles' grove was west of Vermillion and the celebration was planned jointly by the settlers and Company A stationed at Vermillion under the leadership of Capt. Nelson Miner.  The menu for the noon dinner consisted of boiled beef, dried applesauce, potatoes, flat bread, coffee, doughnuts and sweet biscuits.  The dessert was a Norwegian dish made of sweet cream boiled thick like a mush and eaten with sugar. After the dinner the soldiers had a parade led by the buglers. Master of Ceremonies for the program which followed was Ole Bottolfson, who read the Declaration of Independence.  Then the younger women sang 'America' and 'Tramp, Tramp, Tramp'. Mrs. Olson recalls her mother saying 'The women looked so nice in their lawn and light calico dresses.'After the program the cabin was cleared and everyone, young and old, joined in the old Scandinavian folk dances for an hour.  At four o'clock the party was over and all went to their homes to do the chores while it was still daylight.  Some of the folks walked but others drove oxen to the celebration."  
Vermillion's parking problem and enforcement of laws needs some attention.  Dr. R. F. Patterson, Chamber President, pointed  out that "Vermillion is no longer a little country town where any old traffic practices can be followed."  A committee appointed by the city Council has made the following recommendations: 1.  Install parking meters.  2.  Install automatic lights on certain street intersections.  3.  Establish at least two parking lots.  4.  Enforcement of existing traffic laws.  Other routine business at the Council meeting included the presentation of the library budget for $4,500.  The mayor and city auditor were authorized to advertise for bids on a billing machine and bids on a cement mixer.

 At the March theatre you can enjoy Roy Rogers and Trigger in "Roll on Texas Moon".  At the Co-Ed theatre you may enjoy "Dishonored Lady" starring Hedy Lamarr.

 A newcomer on Main Street is the Cavalier Grill, a modernistic drive-in restaurant, which has been set up in front of the old Cotton Service Station on East Main.  The grill will feature 24 hour service and will specialize in sandwiches, chili, and malted milks.

 Happy Jack O'Malley and His Old Timers, ( direct from radio station WNAX), will be at the Ritz Ballroom on Thursday.

 In 1937, about 1500 people attended the dedication of the band shell in Prentis Park.  It was built by the WPA.

 Housing for the University faculty is being hauled in from Grand Island, Nebraska according to Mr. Cadwell.  The temporary housing will be located north of the power plant.

 Brown and Saenger of Sioux Falls is presenting a mimeograph school covering all phases of stencil duplication and operating a mimeograph machine.  All mimeograph operators are invited to attend.

 Gus Dahl began work this week as pharmacist at Walpole Drug store.

 The Clerk of Courts said the month of August sold 24 marriage licenses and recorded 23 births, 8 deaths and 3 divorces.  

 In 1932, corn was 37 cents per bushel.  In 1936, corn was 60 cents per bushel.  In 1944, corn was 64 cents per bushel and in 1947 corn was $2.50 per bushel.  You can subscribe to the Plain Talk for $2.00 per year, but will raise the subscription rate to $2.50 due to spiraling production costs.  All you need to do is sell 1 bushel of corn.

 A proper building permit must be obtained by anyone doing new construction, additions to structures or moving of structures within the city of Vermillion.

 The Varsity has been re-painted inside, new counter stools have been installed and new linoleum is being laid.

 The new Main street attraction is the big mechanical Blue Bunny in the window of the Rabbit Hutch.  He wiggles his tail and moves his head.  The Rabbit Hutch is now open after being completely re-decorated.  A new grill will be installed as soon as it arrives.

 The University trounced State for an easy Hobo Day victory.  The Gamage men have been unbeaten so far this season in Conference play.

 Mr. & Mrs. Hoffer invite everyone to the formal opening of their new Maytag store.

End 1947

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