Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

Yes, Vermillion now has a first class news store. The Monogram News makes every effort to serve you with magazines, newspapers, cigarettes and pipes. It has Vermillion's largest selection of candy and is located half a block off Main Street. "The Biggest Little Store in Town."

The Clay County Commissioners who took office last week are: A. O. Lindstrom, Bert Peterson and Harry O. Gunderson.  Mr. Gunderson is the newest member of the Board having been elected last fall.

The O'Connor Sales and Service garage was broken into early Friday. Approximately $3.00 in change was taken from the strong box. Nothing else was taken. The box had been pried open with a pair of scissors.

W. H. Lawton, photographer, printer, hotel manager and an expert on early Vermillion history will be honored at the Chamber of Commerce banquet. He joined the Chamber in 1906, as the Vermillion Commercial Club. At that time he was operating his photo studio on Market Street. He said the main purpose behind the Commercial Club was to keep a ferry going on the Missouri River. He came to Vermillion from Liberty, Pennsylvania with his father and family in 1870.  He has worn many "hats" since that time.

Olai Hanson has sold his local taxi business to Lyle "Red" Nash. Mr. Nash will continue the same policies as Mr. Hanson had.

The Walpole Drug Store has been sold to Ray Cash who has been employed for Mr. Walpole for the past several years.  Mr. & Mrs. Walpole have owned and operated the drug store since 1939, when they purchased it from Mrs. Phyllis Niemeyer.

A new doughnut machine which will make up to 8 doughnuts per minute has been installed in the Council Oak Store, according to "Bud" Christensen, Manager of the store. The mixer will hold enough batter for 40 dozen doughnuts.

The City Meat Market, owned and operated by Anton Hugener for the past 24 years, was sold this week to Frank C. Michels.  Thomas Rabush will manage the grocery department and V. F. O'Daniels, the meat department. Mr. Rabusch has been employed at the Vermillion Mercantile for the past 10 years and Mr. O'Daniels has been meat cutter at the Council Oak store for the past 17 years.

Hawthorne's Café on Market Street has been sold to Mr.  & Mrs. W. R. Waring. The Hawthorne's ran the café for 31 years. For the past 11 years it has been known as the USD Café.

Vermillion residents will vote upon the question of the establishment of a municipal liquor store at the regular annual city election.

Vermillion's first strike dragged into its second week as telephone operators and workmen all over the nation stayed away from their jobs.  The local telephone office continued in operation through the efforts of the valiant emergency staff whose average day's work amounted to 16 hours.

The bright shiny new $6,000 fire truck belonging to Wakonda and three surrounding townships was in Vermillion Friday for a servicing job.

According to Bill Benson, the driver, the truck was purchased last fall from Michel's Motor Company and the fire equipment, purchased at Luverne, Minnesota, arrived March 15. A far cry from the old truck (an old car with a hose), is the new modern truck with its 300 gallon tank and 250 pound pressure equipment.

Good apple varieties for planting in South Dakota are Red Duchess and Yellow Transplant for an early summer crop; Beacon and Wealthy, for early fall use; and Fireside, Minjon and Haralson for winter use.
Tom's Chocolate Shop, re-decorated by the new owners, Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Bradley, also boasts a new name, The Rabbit Hutch. The Rabbit Hutch, apparently named for the fact that it will feature Blue Bunny ice cream, has been open occasionally this week, but won't officially open until next week.

Council Oak has fresh strawberries from Louisiana. Check at the store for the price.  Ground beef is 35 cents per pound. O & C boiled onions, already cooked, just heat and serve, 16 oz jar, 17 cents.

A tip for gardeners:  Cover your tomato plants with paper; around the roots that is, as the cutworms are on the rampage, and can mow down a line of tomato plants faster than you can watch 'em.

Vermillion High School's reputation for music was enhanced last week when its representatives to the National Music contest in St. Joseph, Mo., returned with six first-division ratings, four second, three third, and one fourth.  Congratulations to the young musicians for a fine showing and congratulations are also in order for Willard Fejfar, and Miss Lillian Eklund.

Max Harlow, owner of the Vermillion Mercantile, has sold the store to C. S. Van Eaton and M. H. Silsby of Sioux City.  Mr. Harlow came to Vermilion in September 1932 when he purchased the store from Joe Himovitz.
Vermillion businesses will close at 10:00 pm on Saturday nights through June, July and August. During the winter months they will close at 9:00 pm.

 WARNING: It has been reported that firearms have been fired within the city limits of this city. There is an ordinance prohibiting the firing of weapons within one mile of the city limits and this ordinance is not being obeyed.  In the future any person found shooting a firearm of any description within the city limits or within a mile of the city limits will be prosecuted.  Signed:  The Vermillion Police Department.
End 1912

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