VACF creates the ‘Young and Gwendolyn Moore Society’

The Vermillion Area Community Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the "Young and Gwendolyn Moore Society."  The society, named in honor of Young and Gwendolyn Moore, is created to recognize individuals who name the Vermillion Area Community Foundation as a beneficiary of a planned gift.  

The Moores are recognized as the first charter members of this new society. Others can join the society as charter members by enrolling prior to Dec. 31, 2011. Young resides in Vermillion and is active in various community activities. Gwendolyn passed away in October 2004. Their children, Gordon and Susan, remain connected to the Vermillion community as supporters of the Vermillion Area Community Foundation among other organizations.  

"It is truly a privilege to honor Young and Gwendolyn Moore through the creation of this Society. They were instrumental in establishing the Vermillion Area Community Foundation in 2000 and have dedicated much of their lives to public service and philanthropy, often inspiring others to share their time, talents, and resources," said Vermillion Area Community Foundation Co-Chair Tom Schaack. "In addition to many charitable contributions over the years, they have served tirelessly on many local boards and organizations."  

"It isn't very often that you run across people like Young and Gwendolyn Moore, who have set the standard for others in terms of community service and volunteerism," said Vermillion Area Community Foundation Co-Chair Tom Stogsdill. "They are truly shining examples for the rest of us to follow."  

The Vermillion Area Community Foundation, in partnership with the South Dakota Community Foundation, would like to encourage everyone to get involved, to give back, and to support the Vermillion community by considering a tax deductible gift to the foundation and naming the foundation as a beneficiary of their estate plan to qualify for membership in the Young and Gwendolyn Moore Society.  

Every gift counts and is reinvested in projects that benefit our local Vermillion community.  Applications for grant funding are accepted throughout the year.  For more information about the Vermillion Area Community Foundation and the Young and Gwendolyn Moore Society, please visit the Vermillion community information at: or contact any Vermillion Area Community Foundation Board Member.  

About Young and
Gwendolyn Moore

Young, a native of Indianapolis, IN was born Feb. 11, 1920. His wife, Gwendolyn McCormick, a native of Nappanee, IN was born March 24, 1921. Young was drafted into the US Army in April 1943 as a private in the US Army Air Corps.  He was mustered out of the service in August of 1946 as a first lieutenant, Ordnance Corps and stayed active in the US Army Reserve.

Young and Gwendolyn were married in the fall of 1948 while he was working for Allison Division, General Motors Corporation.  Gwendolyn, a graduate of the Indiana University School of Nursing, was employed as an obstetrics nurse at Colman Women's Hospital in Indianapolis.

Young was recalled to the US Army in March of 1951 for service during the Korean Conflict.  He was initially assigned to the office chief of ordnance in the Pentagon.  Their son, Gordon, was born at Fort Belvoir, VA in March of 1952. In the fall of 1952 he was assigned to the 85th Ordnance Battalion on the outskirts of Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany.  Gwen and their infant son, Gordon, joined him in Germany in January 1953.  Their daughter, Susan, was born in the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt in December of that year.

Young was promoted to captain in 1954 and completed his service in the 85th Ordnance Battalion as the intelligence officer and assistant operations officer.  The Moore family returned to the US in the summer of 1955 where Young was assigned as the headquarters company commander at Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia, PA.  In June of 1958 he was assigned as the ordnance officer of a US Army Training Team for the 2nd Infantry Division of the Iranian Army in Tabriz, Iran for one year.  Gwen and the children spent the year in Nappanee, IN where Gordon started kindergarten.

In June of 1959, Young was sent to the Guided Missile School at Redstone Arsenal, AL where he received guided missile training and then remained as staff and faculty at the Guided Missile School.  Young had received three years of engineering schooling in a cooperative program at General Motors Institute in Flint, MI while employed by Allision Division, GMC before and just after World War II.  

While at Redstone Arsenal he applied for the Army Bootstrap Program and was accepted.  He left his family in quarters at Redstone Arsenal and went to the University of Omaha, NE for six months where he completed the degree requirements and received a bachelor of general education degree.

In the summer of 1961, the Moore family moved to Mannheim, Germany.  After a month of procurement school, he was assigned to the Ordnance Industrial Center where he, in a few months, assumed the responsibility for the inspection of the work in five ordnance rebuild plants in Germany and the inspection and acceptance of all ordnance material the US Army procured in Western Europe.

In the summer of 1964, Young was assigned to the ROTC Detachment at The University of South Dakota.  During his service time at USD he took one course each semester in the Graduate School of Business.  He retired from the US Army as a lieutenant colonel and completed his MBA requirements in the spring of 1969.

While Young was in graduate school, USD came to him and offered him a part-time position in the spring of 1968 and a full contract for employment in July of that year.  He was required to measure and define all usable space at USD and annually to report on the intensity of use of all classrooms and laboratories.  After about two years, Young became responsible for reporting, to the Department of Education and Cultural Affairs in Pierre, this information for all public and private colleges, universities, and vocational and technical schools.

When the Moore family moved to Vermillion in the fall of 1964, both Young and Gwen were interested in getting Gordon and Susan back into Boy and Girl Scouting, which had been of primary interest to all of the family while they were living in Germany.  Their interest in these programs led to volunteer positions of responsibility in both organizations.  At one time during their lifetime in Vermillion, Young was the president of Sioux Council, BSA in Sioux Falls, and Gwen was president of Sioux Trails Girl Scout Council in Sioux City, IA.  

Gordon was a camp counselor at Lewis & Clark Boy Scout Camp for two or three years and Susan was a lifeguard at the Girl Scout Camp at Clear Lake for two years.  Volunteers in scouting learn that you, as a volunteer, are expected to give of your time, your talents, and your treasure to those activities and organizations that you are committed to, at a level consistent with your ability and desire to contribute.  Modest gifts over time grow in size and impact.

Gwen last served as an RN while in Huntsville, AL when stationed at Redstone Arsenal.  After the family came to Vermillion, she was busy with volunteer work for the Girl Scouts and the United Church of Christ.  She became interested in real estate sales, obtained a license to sell, and then became a broker.  She later opened her own business, Moore Real Estate, and operated that for several years.

Interest in volunteer work for scouting led Young to an interest in volunteer work at the United Church of Christ in Vermillion as moderator, chair of trustees and chair of stewardship boards.  He served as moderator, chair, board of directors member, and chair of the board of trustees for the South Dakota Conference of the United Church of Christ.  

Young was the chair of the board and served as executive director of the United Way of Vermillion.  He was on the audit committee of the University of South Dakota Foundation.  He served as the chair of the finance committee and of the Senior Citizens Board of Directors.  He was a member of the board of trustees for the SESDAC organization.  

He has served on the Center for Children & Families Board of Directors, the Vermillion Public Transit Advisory Board of Directors, the Austin-Whittemore House Board of Directors, and the Dakota Hospital Foundation Board of Directors including his service as board chair for the organization.  He started the Vermillion Area Community Foundation in 2000, establishing the first board of directors, and serving as a board member and as a co-chair for several years.

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