All I Want For Christmas…

Jolley School

Dear Santa, I would like a video Barbie, ipod touch, blizzerd maker, and a cake maker, Santa, how many kids do you visit? I believe in you.

Dear Santa, For Christmas I would like a red wii for back up, and a video Barbie.  And how are your reindeer?  And I believe in you Santa.  Love you Santa.  Bey-bey
Alexis F.

Dear Santa, I want some diprs for my little sister. Dear Santa I want a guinea pig.  Santa will my dad be buter by Christmas morning?  Santa I will lev the Christmas tree on
Payden T

Dear Santa, Hi Santa, I would like a lego star wars number six when they are at Jaba bridge with Flesh.  I will leave you and your reindeer a tret.
Jon W

Dear Santa, I believe in you Santa.  I hope you have a nice trip.  How do you in joy your like?
Your friend, Kayah L

Dear Santa, I love you Santa.  The most pristsnt I want is a remote controller helicopter and a remote controller car.  That's what I want.

Dear Santa, Can I please have a D.S.I. for Christmas?  So Santa, does Rudolph the red nose reindeer lead the slae.
Kiaya S.

Dear Santa, I want a nerf gun called mg42 with a handle and its yellow and orange on it.
Lennox S

Dear Santa, I really want a lego lamborgini pole zia and a yellow lambogini gallordo and a old lego set from 1978.  It's called castle.  I will leave you Mtn dew and carrots.  P.S. foot ball cards.

Dear Santa, If I could get pictures of you, and your wife and your reindeer, I would appreciate it.
Emma B

Dear Santa, I want a Feed the piggy game.  I want a Magic ball.
Carson B

Dear Santa, I do not have a chimney.  I want a wii that is red whith a Rudolf the red nose reindeer game.  I want the Whole Kung Zu set.  I will give you a whole gingerbread man and a house.  To, Santa and Mrs. Clause

Dear Santa, Can I have a Nerf Gun?  Can I have a toy called Loops?  Have a good trip.
Taylor K

Dear Santa, Can I please have a Ds and a build a bear girl Rudolph that blinks.  Please thank you.  I like your beard.  Have a nice trip.  I believe in you.
Odessa H

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a lego Star wars set and some Vikings accessories.  Also, how are you and Mrs. Claus?  We will not be at our house for Christmas.  We will be in Yankton.  We will leave stoff for you. Brianna W

Dear Santa, For Christmas I want the lego airport!  Just in case our Christmas tree is not in the corner it is in the middle of the room!  Thank You!  Have a good Christmas night.
Jackson B.

Dear Santa, If you would like you can give a Amarican girl, a zu zu pet set, and some more sily bands.  That's what I want.  I wonder how you and Mrs., Clause and your reindeer are doing?  Have a good trip.

Dear Santa, I want all Pokemon stuff.  I will leave some cookies and milk and some carits for your reindeer.  I hope you have a good time!  And I want King Kong Stuf.
Peyton K

Dear Santa, I Love you!  Santa I want a ford diesel red.  I will leve you sum cookies and hot chokclit.
Caleb R to Santa

Dear Santa, I want play mobile guys and weapons!  What is one of your reindeer?
Alex W
Dear Santa, I want some dolls.  I like your beard.
Alexis A

Dear Santa Clouse, For Christmas I want the best Christmas ever and for Christmas I want a pillow pet that's a penguin Santa.
Taylor Price

Dear Santa, I wont a diddld woch.  Haw are you doing.  I wont a DS.  I wont ATV.  I also wont a Xobox 360.  I oso wont more wii game.
Blake D.N.

Dear Santa, Do you know what?  Every Christmas night when you come to my house my dad herse you and he said what was that?  And he came down the stairs and he saw you when you where going up the chimmy.  But he just saw your boats. Oh!  And I want a DS for Christmas.  And Merry Christmas. 
Peyton P

Dear Santa, I want a puppy, a toy airplane, a game and some Transformer Action figures, a Nintendo DS, some Lego Star wars boxes, a Wii game a play station 2 game for Christmas.
Hayden W

Dear Santa, I would like to know the names of our raindears.  I would like a train and play puppy.  I would like some more chiksoogirl.  I would like some drbee.  I would like some Zu Zu pets and zuzu pets babies.  I would like a chard book.  Christmas is my favort holiday.  I would very very much like a train and play puppy.
Bailey D

Dear Santa, How are you doing?  I want a game boy, I want a bike and a football and a contra.  Do you have a dog?  I want a DS.  How old are you?  Do you live with a Elf?  How long does it take to get around the wolrd?  Do you like pizza?  Do you live in a farm?

Dear Santa, I would like an a amarican girl doll and a new wii game.  I would also like new books.  I love to read!  I would like a DS to.  I'm going to my grandma and grandpa's house.  Do you no where it's at.  Also how are you?  Well I'm good.
Sadie P

Dear Santa, How are you doing?  On Christmas I hope you have a good Christmas Eve and good cookes this Christmas.  This Christmas I want a DS and a DS game too.  And pet soip and a rado too.  I want to see you.  Have a good Christmas, good buy Santa!

Dear Santa, I would like my own TV, some mini tanks and men and some mini helicopters.  Maybe a puppy or my own LEGOS HALO legos.  How is it up in the cold?  I'll give you some cookies and milk.  Maybe I'll give you something for Christmas.  What do you like?  Some more mini G-I joe juys would be cool.  How are your raindeer doing?  Merry Christmas Santa!
Hunter L

Dear Santa:Do you like giving kids presents? Do you like the milk and cookies? Do you like all of your elfs? Are there like 100? Does the to factory look cool or not so good? Do you have snowmen.

Dear Santa,How are you doing. I went a dog and some legos. And a real cowboy hat. I went a baball and a bat. And a hose. Are you gont to selbat Chistmas. Hat you get sener. Have a happey Chistmas Santa.
Riley P.

Dear Santa,I would like a dog and a Mp3player and a wii and the game to it wii sports. And clock and a cake playdough and clothes and ads with games. And I'm going to leave out some cookies.
From Carolyn M.

Dear Santa,I would like makeup. And rado. And a flot. And a traplen new fanse shore. For skwekes. A snuggle puppy a rely one.  And a cat markin doll grill. I like you. And what are your randers names.
From Sydney SS

Dear Santa,I want a DSI for Christmis and lots of legos. How much years have you been around? Do your elf's have names?
Jackson G.

Dear Santa,I want a sookder two bags of sgiys and a lot of zum zum pets and the qlay ground and car magic tree house book set a puppy aming houres a gril a teepee.
Emily t.

Dear Santa,I been a good girl this year. And I would like to know the names of your raindears. And for Chistmas I would like a new bike and the game sorry and a Justin beber cd. And I would like a dsi. And a new and that is a. I hope you have a merry Chirstmas.
Lauryn B.

Dear Santa,I've bee good at home, BSA and school. Who is your favorite elf? Is Rodof a rainder? How many raindeer do you have? I want a Xbox 360 Kinect and Kinect game.

Dear Santa,Do you rily have a elf naemed Bnard. I want to know do you? I want to get a gogo and a pillow pet and a phone and a rile puppie. What is your wifs naem. I wnte to that to?
Samantha C.

Dear Santa,How are you and how is rodof doing and what I want for christmas is a muisc box a ramote cin chroldcars and a yo-yo and wokeetacees and some more amarkendols thing and a necles with maching ereing.

Dear Santa,could I please have a wild Fathead of minko Kouvi or a Jared allen Fathead of the vikings. 

Dear Santa,How are you? I prity much only want two things for Cristmas. I would like a DS and a wiserds of waverly place DS game. But my sister would like some baby toys.

Dear Santa,how out you. I want A I Pod. I want a Gam for my osi. I want a wii. And a new brbe and a new brbe howes. And will you git a toy for myans too coom.
From, Ellie

Dear Santa,How are your reindeer? How is Mrs. Claus? Maybe i'll give you five cookies this year. Here are some things i'd like makeup, nail kit, Barbies, Toy Story 2 and 3. Also i'd like the war to stop.

Dear Santa,how are you? I Wold like Some hair exsesares for christms and mabby some food for those pepole in need oh senserly,

Dear Santa,How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? How are your raindear and elves? Could you get my little brothers Kung Zhus. Can you please get me Bop It? Thanks!

Dear Santa,I really, really want a … Puppy. Yes. Please in the name of neptune! Please give me a puppy I will feed him. Shelter him and all the other…you know the rest.

Dear Santa,How are you? I would like a ps2 because mine broke about a Year ago. That and 2 controllers. Last can I have a mini tv that I could use in my room.

Dear Santa,What are you doing rit now santa? My fride Hayley has been a rile nice fride to me so I hope you give her a rile nie prasit for Haylee and Brooke and mya.

Dear Santa,
For Christma I would like a lap top and ipod and a baby doll and baby close.

Dear Santa,
I would like to know are you doing good? I hope you have a good Christma say Hi to Rodoff the red nose raindeer. I would whont gost 1 thing a Xbox 360.

Dear Santa,
I would like some little suff anmils and a rowbot that will save the wold. Thank you santa and say hi to Rednose raindear. How are you doing. I'm doing good. Please right back. I would allso have a baby creb and a biddy baby.

Dear Santa,How are you. Just so you know things that I want are on another list. Also can give things to poor people. Tell me how your reindeer are feeling. P.S. Merry Christmas

Dear Santa,I like you very much and I like a dollhose.

Dear Santa,How are you? I hope you and roudolph are having fun! I am sorry to put more weight on you but I would like some webkins.  Please give some shirts and hats and more winter stuff for the poor!

Dear Santa,How are you doing? Have you ment the Tooht fary and I want a puzul a password  junul a new pair of pjs and how is miss claw doing?

Dear Santa,
I want a Draginoid cullosis and a car that I can drive.

Dear Santa,
I want a football helment please and a toy nerf gun please like a X-box 360 please a toy rifle please santa thanks pal.

Dear Santa,
How are you doing? What would you like for Christmas? I would like legos. I know christmas is just ot about presents. So I would not like a lot. Some batman movies. How are the reindeer doing?

Dear Santa,
I want a dog santa with a star wars guy I would like arf trooper santa.

Dear Santa,
I was wondering if I could get barbies and a barbie car for christmas and my mom I think she needs a maid. Well she has some trouble with the the house these days oh and my brother he liks football a lot can he get a football autograph from one of the players oh and two more things I want a kitty oh and my Dad well I want him to have a flatscreen tv.

Dear Santa,
my Dad he really wants flower and shuger jars. I would like nonfiction books like the titanic, pompeii, columbus and the mayflower. And my mom needs a helper washing dishes my sister and I would really like our own rooms. My family would really like our earth to be special!
From your friend,Hannah

Dear Santa,
mom needs new prfum. Alexis needssssss a lap top.  Rachel needs a lap top to. Austin needs Stars wors play set Earth needs fredo macking they need a school.

Dear Santa,
A fire place for our family. My brother would like some more toy monster trucks. My sister would like her own makeup purse. I would like a phone and a computer. My mom wants lots of mony and she wants green jingle bell earings.

Dear Santa,
My brother needs some new lego Batman toys or Spiderman ones and my sister wants a D.S.I. a pink one or blue my mom wants a made and Santa my dad I totally now what he wants a new gun you know Santa you just let me see what I want OK.

Dear Santa,
for my family I would like to have a day togethr. Mom on a magsen I see a ring I ciruld it for mom. Dad a new saw. Eimly another door. Sydney no liying. Me nothing.

Dear Santa,
I want my famly to have a new game called hungry hungry hippos and the lego maze and helicopter and boat and a airplane lego building. And for my baby brother some little cars to play with. And for me a Monster car escpae track. 

Dear Santa
,I want a trampoline. And my sister wants to be a prfesnol piano player.
From caden

Merry christmas santa
Dear Santa,I wish we had fresh water and fresh food in Africa. And for me I need a pet fish my own. I need a wii. And a backyard. And a dog named Lilly. And for my sister she has a Groovy Dolls at my house she has two of them.

Winter wishes –I would like to be free! I would like to have some real drums! NO!! GUNS! Pleas I would like a rocket! I would like to have no bad people!
Dear Santa,I wish Vermillion had no robbers or murderers. And on earth I wish thar was no war. No sickness in

Africa. And I wish Earth was clean. From,Simon

Winter wishes –I wish for a rotweiller dog. I wish Vermillion had no criminals. I would like my mom to have more flowers.

Dear Santa,
I'm Lilly you don't have to get me this because I know it's really expensive. I want a Ipod. My sister is 5. I don't think she's old enough but she wants a DS and a game with it. I also want a book any kind of book just make sure it's a chapter book I also there should be a sidewalk by the thraler park. 
For my winter wish I would like lots of hotweels beet that! P.S. I would like the hot weels to be gold and blue.

Bye-bye Santa,From,Abigail

Dear Santa,
I want my brother Will to have an ipod. I want Vermillion to have another indoor wimming pool. I want to end the war in Afghanisan. I want to go to Georgia.

Dear Santa,
I wish I had a mordersiekel and a alechric scooter and a scaitbord.

Dear Santa,
Mack sher that you tell the elves I said hi and I was wondering if that if you could get my dad vido game he's really speshal to me and if you could get some sidewalk for Vermillion to and maby get more fish for earth to help the world. Thank you very much Santa you have spred the chrism speret
From your friend, Noah

Dear Santa,
All I want for my family this year is a new dog. We reily miss our older dog.

Dear Santa,
I wold like for my Dad is a brancb new cross necksess he wolb relly lik that anb for my mom a new pair of eareings and for my sisters is a horease stuffy anb for Vermilion is a big chrismas tree in the mible of prentas parck.

Dear Santa,
In are class room we want a candy machiene and for chirsmess I want a DSI and for vermillion a monkey bras at pretas park and at the pool and I want a book and it is called werewoles don't go to summer camp and the icarly and justin beber and I want all the toys from the stores.

Dear Santa,
Family- Donkeykong country returns
Sister- New clothes
Vermillion- A park the same as rainbo park in michigan
Brother- New boots
Me- Screecher firebreather to do whatever I want forever

St. Agnes School

Dear Santa, I have been good because I help at my house with the dishes and cleaning the table.  How have you been?  How is your reindeer?  I wish for a pug and a boy Barbie and a lot more.  I hope you have a great Christmas!
Love, Elaina

Dear Santa, I have been good this year because I am sharing my toys with my brothers and he help my mom do the dishes.  I helped my dad plant flowers.  How have you and the elfs been doing?  I hope I get a remote control racecar.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Carter

Dear Santa, I been good because I help clean the table and help my mom with crafts.  How have you and the elfs been?  For Christmas I wish for all of the squeenqies.

Dear Santa, I have been good, I have included everybody.  I have helped mom do the dishes.  I helped clean.  Is Rudolph really real?  How are your elves doing?  I wish for a puppy for Christmas.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Annika

Dear Santa, I have been good becuse, I have helped my mom and dad, sister clean the dishes.  How have you been?  How are your reindeer, how is Mrs. Claus?  For Christmas I wish for a Nintendo, and two flutes and phones for my mom and dad.
Love, Megan

Dear Santa, I have been good because help take care of my siblings.  How have you and your elves been?  I wish I could have a DS and some games for it and a wii game.Thank you Santa
Love, Nick

Dear Santa, I have been good because I help my mom do the dishes.  I help my dad in the garden.  How have you been?  How many elfes do you have?  For Christmas I wish for zoobles and that is all.  Thank you Santa.

Dear Santa, I have been good because I was playing nice with the 1st grade boys.  How are you and your family?  I wish for an air hog helicopter that takes pictures and videos.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Ty

Dear Santa, I have been good because I taught my little brother how to get dressed.  How are your elves?  For Christmas I wish for a real light saber newborn kitten and a high-powered laser pointer.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Wyatt

Dear Santa, I have been good because I helped my mom with dishes.  How have you and Mrs. Claus been?  I hope you have a good Christmas.  I wish for a boom box.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Victoria

Dear Santa, I have been good because I help my dad make the beds.  I help with the dishes.  Have your reindeer been feeling well this year?  This year I wish for an American Girl doll and some clothes.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Shelby

Dear Santa, I have been good because, I have been doing my chores and picking up the sled and shovel.  How have you been?  For Christmas I wish I had a super Nintendo.  Thank you.
From, Cael

Dear Santa, I have been good because I helped put presents around the Christmas tree.  How are your reindeer?  I wish for some silly glasses, and a bushoogy ball.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Justin

Dear Santa, I have been good because I helped my mom clean the house.  I helped my dad gather firewood.  How have you and your reindeer been?  I wish for Kung zhu for Christmas.  Thank you Santa.
Love, Connor

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