Budget revisions approved

As the 2010 comes to a close, the Vermillion City Council approved some tweaking to various items in the city budget to allow it to finish in the black this year.

A supplemental appropriations ordinance, approved by aldermen on its first reading Dec. 6, includes various budget revisions:

• The snow removal equipment repair and maintenance is almost exhausted with some repairs to the snow blower and cutting edges for the snow plows. The city council agreed to adding $1,000 to the budget for this type of equipment, and $3,000 to the snow removal department's motor vehicle fuel and supplies line item.

• The old landfill professional services are being increased by $1,350 for additional testing and inspection required by the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

• The general fund budgets for the reimbursement of the landfill for the vouchers that are presented at the landfill by citizens for up to $15 value to dispose of waste. The city experienced an increase in landfill usage this fall, along with the city share of the Household Hazardous Waste disposal fee of $4,766. The city agreed to supplement the budget by $6,225.

• The second penny sales tax fund parks department equipment line item budgeted $15,000 for the purchase of a skid steer loader for the department. As this piece of equipment will be accounted for in the equipment replacement fund, the budget is being corrected to show the expenditure as a transfer to the equipment replacement fund in the amount of $13,900. The parks equipment line item is being reduced and the transfer line item increased for no change in the total second penny budget.

• The Parks Capital Fund has received some additional contributions and therefore had an increase in expenditures. The contributions were increased $3,450 along with the expenditures.

• The equipment replacement fund expenditures were increased for the skid loader purchased for the parks department from the second penny sales tax contribution and a used pickup was purchased from federal surplus property for $12,775 to replace an old parks department pickup. This pickup has a hoist to allow the department to haul and dump materials. There is also an addition of $1,050 for a power train guard for a new wheel loader. The expenditures needed to increased by $27,750 with $13,900 transferred in and the balance of $13,850 coming from reserve funds.

These requested supplements to the city budget will reduce the general fund reserve by $11,575, with no change in the parks capital and second penny sales tax fund reserves. The equipment replacement fund reserve will be reduced by $13,825.

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