Gayville Brothers Light Up The Holiday Nights

GAYVILLE — Five years ago, Nick and Trevor Huber just wanted to improve the family's Christmas display at their house on 309 Iverson Street in Gayville.

Trevor Huber stands in front of his parents' home in Gayville that he and his brother Nick decorate each holiday season. They estimate that approximately 13,000 lights are used, along with inflatables and music-synchronized flashing displays. It takes the brothers about 24 hours of labor to put the decorations, which are lit each night from just after Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. (Kelly Hertz/P

Now Nick and Trevor have created what may be one of the best holiday displays in the Yankton area.

The two brothers started the project with 2,000 lights, but $1,700 later, the Hubers' lighting system is set to music and has more than 13,000 lights.

When the brothers took over the project, they never thought it would get this big — but they are glad it has.

"We spend time on it for the people," Nick said. "We love seeing people drive by and watch it."

But this holiday season could be bittersweet since it may be the last year the display is this big. Nick is a freshman in college, and next year will be Trevor's first year in college, so they won't have as much time to put the display together.

"The worst part is this is probably our last year," Nick said. "It's probably the biggest one in the Yankton area and no one knows about it. Hopefully they come out and see it this year."

Putting up the holiday lights has been a tradition for the Hubers since they were little. As each year went by, both Nick and Trevor thought their dad could be doing more, and the idea was born.

"Every year we helped our dad, but he just did a couple of bushes and the gutters," Trevor said. "We got more into it every year, and once we took control, we went all out."

"We just wanted to decorate it more than our dad and make it brighter," Trevor added.

The first year Trevor and Nick put up the lights, it took five hours.Now, it takes a good 24 hours.

The project got really big when the brothers would see some of the houses on the TLC television program "Crazy Christmas Lights."

"They had light shows, and we knew we had enough lights to do it," Nick said.

Miller Lite also has a TV commercial during the holiday season of a light display set to music, which was also an inspiration for the brothers.

"We always saw that commercial, and thought it would be cool to blink like that," Trevor said. "'Wizards and Winter' (by Trans-Siberian Orchestra) is the song, and we have it and love it."

Both Trevor and Nick saved up the money from their summer jobs to buy a lighting system, and three years ago, they came across one.

"It's a Gemmy Holiday Light Show, and we found it online as we were looking for Christmas lights and deals," Trevor said.

The project didn't just stop at one set of lights set to the light show.

"Now we have four of them that control the lights," Trevor said.

Having the music going every day for about seven hours, the display is usually lit from 5:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m., from the day after Thanksgiving to New Year's Eve. The music for the display is set to an FM transmitter, so passers-by can tune in to 88.9 FM to both watch and listen to the display from their cars.

The light display isn't exactly creating havoc on the electric bill either. Their mother, Julie Huber, said the bill is at the most $100.

"It's all worth it," she said. "I always say the display is tastefully done. It's not too gaudy, and not Griswold tacky."

Julie also isn't so certain this is the last year for the display.

"My husband still thinks they will do it," she said. "We probably won't know until next year. If they don't, we will have to do something or else it will be boring."

Given all the work that goes into setting up the display, a helping hand is always appreciated. This year was the first year Nick and Trevor got help as Nick's girlfriend Hannah Withrow pitched in her time.

Nick said even though Withrow saw pictures of the display, she didn't believe it was actually so big until she helped put it together.

"She didn't believe us because the picture doesn't tell as much," Nick said. "When we put it up, she was amazed about how much work it takes. She also did a lot of work for us, and we are grateful for her help."

Nick and Trevor said they have never received a complaint about the display, only compliments from their neighbors.

"They like it, and one of our neighbors never want us to stop doing it," Trevor said.

Nick said they put the display up not just because of their love for Christmas, but also for the people in town.

"The little kids love it," Nick said. "People say they drive by every night with their kids, and the kids say they want to see it every night."

"It gets people in the right spirit for the holidays."

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