Hughes sisters reunite after 35 years

Frances Johnson (75), Lela Walz (73), Rosie Shears (72), Janice Erickson (70), and Karen Gibbs (68) are daughters of Florence (Broyles) Hughes and Ralph Ralston Hughes born in Vermillion. All (except for the inserted picture of Lela) got together Aug. 29-31 after approximately 35 years of physical separation. Lela was not feeling well and could not be present.Our single parent home life was not easy; perhaps camaraderie and closeness was developed because of it. Some facts about us that we feel make us unique are the following: We were all teenagers (poor Mom!) from Nov. 16 until Dec. 3, 1954; we all graduated from Vermillion High School; we have all had our 50 years after graduation celebration; we were all married in Vermillion. Our sister Lela has lived her entire life in Vermillion and currently lives in the Town Square Apartments, as do Rosie and Karen. Frances lived most of her married life in Salina, KS, where she currently lives. Janice lives on a farm in Davis, where she has lived most of her married life. Rosie lived most of her married life in Iowa Falls, and moved back to Vermillion in 2003. Karen lived her married life in Pine Island, MN, moving back to Vermillion in 1970 upon divorce from her husband.Other tidbits/sameness we are proud of: None of us knew or felt we were poor! All grandchildren of Florence are living, she was as proud of them as her own daughters! All sisters except one, Janice, outlived their husbands. Jan and husband Dean, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past January 23. All were musically inclined in school and all marched in a Dakota Day Parade one year. We learned from each other, we worked together and shared home chores, in fact, we all earned wages doing secretarial work of some sort upon graduation. Frances worked at Natural Gas Company here in Vermillion. Lela retired as legal secretary here in Vermillion. Rosie did various clerical work in Iowa. Janice worked at USD for the head of the Nursing Department until her marriage, and Karen worked at National Bank of SD right after graduation and later was hired by USD where she retired in 1999 after 30 years of that type of work. VHS gave us a very good, foundational education for life. In summary and closing out our story, none of us are rich or famous but plan to "keep on kickin" and we'll make plans to meet again for another sister's reunion about this same time next year �" whatever the good Lord allows.

Four of the five Hughes sisters reunited in August of this year after a 35-year separation.
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