Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

From the column of J. B. Townsley �J. B�s Wax�, he tells the story of Vermilion once having a daily newspaper.  �It was a rather crude one and didn�t survive for long.  It must have been along about 1902 or 1903 and was started by Frank Bower.�  Frank was the son of W. G. Bower, who once operated a brick kiln on the bottom, and was responsible for most of the old brick sidewalks around Vermillion.  Frank Bower had his printing office upstairs above what is now Hofer Maytag Store. It was a small tabloid paper, hand set, and printed on a job press. Later the outfit was sold to W. R. Colvin.

At a meeting of District 4 of the REA in Wakonda, a motion was passed asking that the headquarters be moved to Wakonda. District 5 members adopted a resolution naming Volin a new headquarters site.  A vote will come before the entire membership at the Annual Meeting in Vermillion on February 23, 1950. It was pointed out that the headquarters have been in Vermillion since it was started 13 years ago and they own a good building in Vermillion.

Vital statistics for the month of January showed 19 births, 9 marriages, 6 deaths, and 1 divorce.

The South Dakota Education Journal, gives Clay County a high rating for its rural school teachers. It is pointed out that all Clay County teachers have certificates and none are working on permits, as is the case in many counties.  Also, 90 percent of the teachers are receiving $200.00 a month or better which is above the state average for rural teachers.

The University received a research grant for $4,400.00 to be used to continue the study of pathological changes resulting from nutritional deficiencies in animals. The grant will also aid in carrying on studies of nutritional deficiencies relating to tumor and cancer growth. Such a study is of extreme importance in finding out more about the cause and cure of cancer.

The City of Vermillion will mail out light and water bills printed on a new billing machine which was purchased recently.The machine prints the bill on a post card and the figures on a ledger at the same time for a permanent record.

The rural fire truck drive hit a high total of $381.00 for one of the biggest weeks excluding the dance according to Fire Chief H. O. Berke. Gifts given were from $1.00 to $200.00.

Some history from �J. B�s Wax.� He takes us back to 1904 and tells us that O. S. Olson �is still sewing on buttons� at his tailor shop and he is the only one left on Main Street in 1950.In 1904 the Meisenholder Store was then the Lee & Prentis store and Andrew E. Lee, later the Governor of South Dakota, worked behind the grocery counter. C. E. Prentis was more active in the dry goods and clothing section.  Many of the water mains were wooden back then. None of the streets were paved or even graveled and there were rows of hitching posts along Main Street. There was a bitter local fight before they could be removed in later years.

Customs differed then as a school dance was unheard of and card playing was considered evil. Smoking on campus was forbidden and any faculty member who smoked was considered of doubtful morals.  Boys who smoked did so on the sly and ate packages of sen sen before they went to class, or around where the girls were.  And back then liver and pumpkins were free for the asking and a dime would buy enough beef steak or pork chops for a good meal for a small family.  Potatoes were 10 cents a bushel and bread was 5 cents a loaf with milk 5 cents a quart.

In 1950, Wesley R. Hurt was welcomed as the new director of the W. H. Over Museum as W. H. Over retired as director.

John Lohre and Mary Ann Dahl were chosen King and Queen of VHS in 1949.

The fire truck fund nears $2,000.00.  There were 12 contributors this week that raised $136.00 for the fund.

The question of the week is: Do you think it is time we started making plans for a new municipal auditorium/gymnasium? The following answers by the following people were:

Dr. Thomas Eyers, �I do think an auditorium can be an asset to the community.�  Harold Hinchliff, �Yes especially at tournament time.  Also for times when we need a place for large group meetings and conventions.� Karl Lemmer, �Yes, it would be all right, if we have a good plan for financing it.�

The Vermillion Tanagers have won the distinction and brought themselves honor to their school and town by now being known as the second best high school basketball team in the state of South Dakota. The school that took first place honors is the Mitchell team.

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