Sesquicentennial Highlights

To date in 1949, Clay County has purchased $173,662 in Series E Savings Bonds. This is 89% of the bond goal for Clay County.

A 900 year old Japanese sword is now on display at the University of South Dakota Museum, loaned by a former U.S.Army Officer, Ray Olding, who is an instructor in Spanish.

A U-turn violator was fined $3.00 for making a U Turn in a restricted intersection.

The County has started to straighten the Timber Road three miles west of Vermillion. This will be a big improvement and the people out that way appreciate it very much.

The first �Days of �59� celebration will be held September 1 and 2. Many events are planned including a big parade and the Art B. Thomas carnival will be on hand for rides and free stage shows. An old trunk used on the stage coach runs between Sioux City and the Black Hills will be on display. It is dated 1857 and was built to carry gold dust. Claude Richardson is the present owner.

The stop and go lights located at University and Main were put in operation Monday morning and will operate from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. continuously during the school year.

Housewives were warned this week to get busy with canning peaches, pears and prunes as these fruits are coming to the grocery stores a week to 10 days early.

Ten building permits were issued in August of 1949. Two were for garages, three for remodeling businesses, totaling $19,500.00, one for a new residence at a total cost of $7,500.00, three for remodeling of residences totaling $12,000.00 and one for building of a utility house at a cost of $800.00.

A new daily milk delivery was instituted this week by the Austin Dairy now that they have another new truck. Sverre Petterson will deliver milk on the east side of town and Russ Simpson will deliver to the west side of town. Both trucks will carry butter, Grade A milk, cream, chocolate milk and butterfat.

The Vermillion Police Department issued 36 tickets the first day of the one hour parking. After the first day the violations tapered off sharply and very few were issued according to Police Chief P. F. Purcell.

Nat King Cole and his trio will be appearing in person on the campus of USD. The group�s appearance is being sponsored by the SAE Fraternity. The group will sponsor 2 programs on Friday, September 30th. Tickets are available at Davis Pharmacy.

Thomas Rabusch and Bud Christensen recently purchased the City Market from Frank Michels. Mr. Christensen will manage the meat market and Mr. Rabusch will manage the grocery department. Mr. Rabusch has worked for Mr. Michels since he bought the store two and one half years ago. Prior to that he worked for Max Harlow for ten years.

Mr. Christensen comes here from Akron, Iowa where he leased a meat market. Prior to that he had managed the Council Oak Store here for two years.

The City Council authorized the City Auditor to advertise for bids for a mechanical street sweeper. They also voted to authorize the Mayor and liquor committee to make an investigation of various on-sale liquor stores within the state and make a report back to the Council.

Vermillion�s first television was installed recently at the home of Steve Graf. It picks up two Omaha stations, WOW and KMTV. The pictures do not stay very long and passing automobiles can cause the picture to jump. When conditions are right, clear pictures come on. Mr. Graf extends a welcome to anyone interested in seeing the set to come in and view it when conditions are right.

For the first time in the history of Clay County, a woman was called on the jury list when Mrs. William Klatt of Gayville broke into the charmed circle this term of court. Women�s names have been sent in before by the township clerks but this is the first time a woman�s name has been drawn. The session laws of 1947 permitted women to be chosen for the jury duty.

Another Austin Dairy product that is new on the Vermillion market is cottage cheese made daily in the Austin Dairy plant. It is available in all Vermillion food stores and on our daily delivery trucks. �Always ask for Austin�s� products.

You can get City Club Select Near Beer by the case at Heck�s Texaco station.

Take the family to the Lutefisk Dinner at Pleasant Valley Lutheran Church on November 2nd. Serving starts at 5:00 p.m. Menu includes potatoes. Lutefisk, meat balls, gravy, cranberry salad, vegetable, lefse, flatbrod, pie and coffee. Adults $1.50 and children .75 cents.

New monthly rates for the telephone company are as follows: 4 party residence, $2.85; 2 party residence, $3.10; 1 party residence, $5.75; rural metallic service, $2.50.

A drive is on for a new fire truck to improve the fire fighting facilities for rural areas. The fire Chief, H. O. Berke called on all public spirited citizens this week to assist with the purchase of a new rural fire truck.

Willys Station Wagon, the world�s largest selling station wagon is now at Bowman Motor Company at the corner of West Main and Highway 19. There are three models to choose from. Stop and take a look.

Burl Ives, popular singer and interpreter of American folk music is scheduled to give a recital at Slagle Auditorium on November 18th at 11:00 am. His recital is under the auspices of the Student Convocation Committee.

Balcony seats are available for the annual Military Ball for $1.00 per couple or .75 cents per person. Billy Bishop�s orchestra will play for the Ball. Alice Mann will be the featured vocalist.

Make a date with the �88�, the futuramic Oldsmobile. This car features the (power package). Visit Wyman Motor Company at 24 Market Street, Vermillion, SD

Two truckers were arrested for speeding and five boys from the Omaha Air Base were arrested for colliding with the police car. The air base boys were fined $10.00 and costs of $14.25 plus the repairs on the police car. The truckers were fined $25.00 and costs of $13.95 with $24.00 of the fine suspended by Justice Theodore Dolney.

End 1949

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