Sesquicentennial Highlights

Did you know the first speeding ticket issued in Vermillion was in 1941?  The culprit was speeding down Main Street at 25 miles per hour.  He was fined $6.00.  In 1913 a man was thrown in jail for using "profane language on Main Street.

"The grand opening of "Vi's Café" in Meckling was held today.  Free coffee and donuts are being served.  It is open to the public every day from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm. The interior is very attractive with its white finish and green trim.

Mr. Roberts of Wayne, NE, appeared before the City Council seeking permission to install a portable skating rink over the summer.  No definite action was taken by the Council.

The State Jr. Chamber of Commerce who recently met in Rapid City, decided to send a gift to all new Jaycee Chapters in the state.  John C. Graves, the chairman of the new chapter in Vermillion just received a live, smelly porcupine, a gift sent to all the new organizations as a reminder of the meetings. Mr. Graves has an ad in the Plain Talk stating he has to give away a "Gentle, rather smelly, porcupine.  "Makes a nice house pet if one doesn't own a dog.  Must move the pet quickly.  People in the apartment house are complaining." Mr. Graves commented that he hopes they don't send a goat to try to "get his goat."

The VFW Auxiliary will entertain at a tea party at the home of Mrs. Fred Burr for Gold Star Mothers and World War I Mothers.The Studebaker car buying wave is sweeping the nation.  More people bought new Studebaker cars and trucks in April 1949 than in any previous month in any year.  Studebakers are really Rolling!

Janitors hired by the Board of Education at the following salaries were, Kermit Kephart, $210.00; Roy Mincks, $200.00; Reyburn Ferry, $180.00; Lyle Purcell, $175.00.  Gladys Stinson was re-hired as Secretary of the Superintendent at an annual salary of $2100.00.

Richard Chaussee became the 7th Governor of Boys State.Why pay more when you may purchase a 600X16 tire for $6.95 plus your old tire?  Check it out at Stamm & Cisar Firestone Store.

1949 Firestone Refrigerators are available at Stamm & Cisar.  You can buy an 8' with across the top freezer for $229.50. An 8' conventional type will cost you $199.75.

Meisenholders are selling 80 $1.00 bills for 80 cents each.  30 Silver dollars will be baked into 100 of Jacobson's fine angel food cakes. The cakes are only 36 cents each and you might find a silver dollar.  Nash's Coffee, with your grocery order will sell for 2lbs for $1.00. Turkish towels, white only, 4 for 99 cents.  Just a few of the bargains being offered at the G. Meisenholder 30th anniversary.

Only Grade A milk will be sold by Austin Dairy after June 16th. The price of milk will be reduced by 1 cent per quart.  Regular Grade A – 18 cents and homogenized Grade A will sell for 19 cents per quart.

Mr. E. L. Collar came to the Plain Talk office to pay his subscription for the coming year.  The Plain Talk owners think he is the oldest subscriber as he said that he is 92 years of age. With a twinkle in his eye he said "I hope I'll be back next year to renew again."

Three local churchmen are leaving Vermillion or being replaced during the summer months. Father T. L. Flood at St. Agnes will be replaced by Father Hugh K. Wolf. Father Flood is 79 years old and has been at Vermillion since 1902.  Dr. F. L. Carrington of St. Paul's Episcopal Church will be replaced by Franz Ollerman. Rev. H. W. Parsons has filed his resignation from the Congregational Church but as yet no one has been chosen to replace him.

Ernie Engels tavern at Burbank was entered last Friday night. However, appearances led to the belief that whoever was responsible for the entry was frightened away.  Local officers are of the opinion that the break in was by a local person, probably the same person or persons who entered the Manning store last week.

Fees for recording warranty deeds, quit claim deeds and individual satisfactions were increased from 60 cents to $1.00 at the Register of Deeds office.

From the Plain Talk files in 1909 it talks about the fact that there were 454 students registered for the year at USD.  It was hoped 500 students would be registered.

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