Sesquicentennial Highlights

Seen on Main Street Tuesday evening:  A dog sitting on top of a car.  The dog seemed as much at home as if he were lying on a soft rug in front of a fireplace.  Must have some Coyote blood in him, or else the owner of the car lost the key.

The Empire Equipment Company of Sioux Falls was the low bidder on furnishing the County a diesel powered tractor and front end loader.  They awarded the bid at $4,522.83.  The commissioners plan to sell the Osgood Dragline and shovel that the county purchased some time ago.

When Vermillion residents receive their light and water bills Oct. 1, they will see an increase in the amounts they will have to pay for these two services.  A 15% increase will go into effect on all charges for electrical energy and water.

There's a special on Mullaney's Royal Hybrid Seed Corn.  Buy it now for $8.00 per bushel.

The extreme heat of August has somewhat discouraged the law breakers the last two weeks.  Just one speeder was arrested during this time.  The speedster was fined $10.00 and $5.45 court costs.  A 2 day jail sentence was suspended.

The Meckling Consolidated School, grades 1 through 12 will open on September 7th.  First class begins at 9:00 am.

Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music will be at the Corn Palace along with 10 big novelty acts.

Coach Harry Gamage was giving his conference co-champions a stiff workout as they prepared for their first game at Inman Field under the new lights when they play the Westmar club from LeMars, Iowa.  In a half time ceremony, the newly installed lights will officially be presented to the University by a representative of the Sioux City Stockyards.  The lights were a gift from the stockyards to the University.

Fines amounting to $25.00 and costs of $21.80 were assessed by the Vermillion Police as four men were arrested for intoxication during the week according to Chief P. F. Purcell.  Two men were arrested for intoxication, the others for speeding and not observing the stop lights. With the influx of University students and their automobiles, Main Street these days looks like the busy section at 42nd and Broadway in New York.

Harvest Festival Savings:  Jell-O pudding in all flavors, 3 for 22 cents; Bakers Chocolate Chips, 6 oz pkg, 24 cents; Libby's corn, fancy, whole kernel, 3 cans 53 cents; Hunts fancy pack tomatoes, 29 cents per can; cooking applies, 3 lbs, 29 cents; Tokay grapes, 15 cents per pound, Lemons, large size, 6 for 35 cents.

The new sensational Philco radio/phonograph will play 45 minutes of music from both sides of a single 12 inch record.  And it has wonderful tone quality.  This is a beautiful piece of furniture as well and has lots of storage space. You may check it out at Russel Hawks Home Appliance Store.  The cost is $259.00 and you may arrange for convenient terms.

The Little Oscar Gang is presenting "Peg of My Heart" at Gayville on Tuesday, October 19th.  This is a "must" show to see.  Thousands in larger cities paid up to $3.00 per seat to see it!  You can see it for 75 cents.  Show time is 8:30 p.m. with a dance to follow to show patrons.

Several of the VHS football games have been cancelled due to the polio scare.  Several people have been consulted and the consensus of opinion seemed that it was wise to cancel the games rather than take any unnecessary chances.

WARNING:  Householders are warned not to burn leaves on the paving.  Violation is punishable by fine or imprisonment.  

PLEASE COOPERATE The Clay County AAA Office has announced that 54 corn loans, covering 102 cribs has been made by November 16 and the amount loaned was $135,656.10.  The loans cover 100,485 bushels of corn.  The moisture content averages 16.5 per cent.

The Oden Implement Company is holding a 25th anniversary sale.  The implement company had a contract with International Harvester from the start.  Mr. Thorvald Oden had been a grocery man in Greenfield until he started the business with just a few pieces of farm equipment.

A "peeping tom" was reported looking into a kitchen window on Plum Street.  Several persons are under suspicion, but no arrests have been made as yet.

Ted Dolney, Student President said that $3,500 has been pledged for the stadium drive and a number of pledge books have not yet been returned.  The University Faculty is now being contacted by the students.

A transient who was picked up because of intoxication was permitted to sign a release from the police department when he promised to leave town immediately.

One third of men at the University are married.  The married veterans are home-lovers.  University trailer units provide housing for 133 married veterans while 154 own or rent homes or trailers or rent apartments in Vermillion.

Dean Patterson of the Business School reports that 28 seniors have completed the requirements for graduation at the end of the first semester.  This is the largest group to complete the degree requirements at midyear.  Job placements are still very good and the mid year students are having no difficulty in making satisfactory contacts with business and industrial firms.

The icy sidewalks caused 8 people to suffer broken bones this past week.  There were 2 broken wrists, 2 broken arms, three broken collar bones, and one broken ankle.  Additional sprains were reported during the same week.

Jacobsen's Bakery is having their 8 year old, all steel, revolving oven re-built after Christmas.  This is the first oven of this type in South Dakota.  At the same time, the interior of the bakery will be painted and remodeled.

At the end of 1948, Judge Raymond Collar, Clay County Judge since 1924, is known as "Marrying Sam".  He has performed the marriages of 701 couples to date.

End 1948

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