Vermillion police seeking law enforcement award

In 2008, the Vermillion Police Department received the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) Recognition Award.  The program requires departments to submit to a recertification process to include an on-site assessment by a CALEA Assessor every three years.  The assessor will examine all aspects of the department's policies, procedures, management, operations and support services.  The commission's assessment team is composed of law enforcement officials from similar, out-of-state agencies.  Assessing the Vermillion Police Department will be Chief Roy Gordon of the Chevy Chase Village (MD) Police Department.  The onsite assessment is scheduled starting on Dec. 11 and continue through Dec. 13.  The results of the assessment will be forwarded to the CALEA Commission.  In March 2011, a Commission hearing will make a final determination regarding the reissuing of the Recognition Award to the department.The CALEA Recognition Program is designed to meet the needs of smaller law enforcement agencies.  To qualify, an agency must meet 112 standards from the Standards for Law Enforcement Agencies accreditation manual.  The standards address life, health and safety issues; critical legal issues and conditions that reduce risk and high liability exposure.  Recognition provides objective confirmation of an agency's commitment to improve resource management and service delivery.As part of the on-site assessment, community members are invited to offer comments by calling 605-677-7070 between 9 and 11 a.m. on Dec. 13. Telephone comments are limited to 10 minutes and must address the department's ability to comply with the commission's standards.  Written comments may be mailed to the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement, 13575 Heathcote Boulevard, Suite 320, Gainesville, VA 20155.  A copy of the standards is available by contacting the Vermillion Police Department at 605-677-7070.

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