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The first week of legislative session is complete and the following is my views as to the events of the week.

What an experience is was the first day to walk up the 12-foot wide marble steps to the third floor of our State Capitol. I can assure you that the time that was spent going door-to-door campaigning, the parades, and the meetings with groups was worth the effort this past summer and fall. It is truly a pleasure to serve you and the rest of South Dakota. Each and every one of you should be so lucky as to have the opportunity that you have given me. Thank you.

Gov. Daugaards State of the State address indicated that we should focus more on small towns and rural areas, agriculture processing and more development on our own entrepreneurs. Along with developing entrepreneurs, perhaps we will need to provide results that we can see as to how our efforts, financially and physically, have been so we can learn and benefit from them. When we spend our monies on loans and grants to these entrepreneurs, we need to see the results; that way we can mimic the good results and do away with the poor results.

A lot of rumors are of a more severe percentage cut in our state budget as proposed by former Gov. Rounds. Rather than speculate, lets wait until Jan. 19 when Gov. Daugaard presents his budget to the people of South Dakota and the Legislature. In my opinion, budget cuts across the board at the state level will shift the financial responsibility to the local districts. Counties and school districts will have to do opt-outs and/or reduce staff, programs, and services. South Dakota has enjoyed a great quality of life standard for some time and it would be a shame to see it diminish.

Next week, new bills will start to be processed through committees. I feel fortunate and comfortable that I am on the education committee and the commerce/energy committee. With 15 years of teaching experience and almost 32 years experience in business management, these two committees are a good fit for me.

Please feel free to contact me via my e-mail address if you would like to express to me your opinions, concerns, or even words of encouragement. I will continue to have cracker barrels on weekends during this years legislative session. Remember, I was elected to serve ALL of you in District 17, which include Independents, Republicans and Democrats. That is what I intend to do.

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