Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

The New Year began on a happy note for Mr. & Mrs. William Michels Jr when they were called by the radio show �Stop the Music.� They identified the tune played on the air as �Love is Just Around the Corner� and received a Westinghouse clothes dryer as their reward.

The police department arrested 147 people in 1950.  The largest single offense was for speeding with 56 arrests being made.  Intoxication was next with 35 arrests.  A total of 719 tickets were issued for traffic and parking violations.

Land values stand near the top in South Dakota counties.  The Clay County average per acre is $56.72.  Clay County is topped by Lincoln County at $57.51 per acre.  Harding County was low on the list with $2.43 per acre.

Jacobsen�s Bakery remodeling work has begun.  Mr. Christensen said he hoped the public will bear with us during the work.  The remodeling should be done in about a month.

The large hanger at the Municipal Airport is for sale.  The hanger is located at the airport 5 miles west of Vermillion.  The building is to be removed from the present premises by March 1, 1951 unless the purchaser can make arrangements with M. A. Chaney for later removal.

When you think of good things to eat think of Stop �n Shop.  This week specials are parchment butter at 69 cents per lb.  Jack Sprat flour, 50 lb bag $3.59.  Sugar 10 lbs, 89 cents, Butter Nut Coffee 83 cents per lb., 10 lb bag Red Potatoes 24 cents. 1 dozen juice oranges 21 cents. Armour�s sliced bacon 39cents per lb.

L. R. Holmes gave a bid of $1700 for the airport hanger. The City Council accepted his bid.  The only other bidder was Morris Chaney.  This spring the airport will be moved to the new site south of the city on land leased from Mike Collins. Harold Davidson will continue to operate the airport under a rental agreement with the city.

The new Buick convertible is the fashion leader for 1951.  See it on display at Stevenson Equipment Company.

Tinkering with the normal economy of a nation and the natural working of the law of supply and demand is a tricky business.  That is why many thoughtful leaders who see the need for price and wage controls to check inflation have been anxious to move carefully in putting such controls in effect.

Clay County had 59 fewer farms in 1950 than in 1945.

The USD enrollment for the second term is 1,304.  This figure is 322 less than the first term.

Being Valentine�s Day will soon be here, treat her to a �Special Sweetheart Dinner� at the Chimes Caf�.

Three Vermillion students have received the Thomas tuition scholarships for the second semester at USD.  The grants amounted to $42.00 each.

The price of No. 1 corn in Clay County is $1.56 per bushel.

On February 11th a tradition was broken.  It is only the 2nd time in some 35 years that the chicken dinner wasn�t served at Ann Vaiths on Forest Avenue.  Ann was in the hospital during the week and was not able to get delivery on the necessary number of chickens for the Sunday dinner.  While she was gone her work was taken over by her sister from Tabor.

Rent control in Vermillion has been cancelled as of March 7th.  The order removes restrictions on rental fees on property in the city.

A March snow storm made the streets and many rural roads impassable and damaged communications in some areas of the county.

First services in the new St. Paul Episcopal Church at Main and Linden will be held March 18th.  This will replace the building on Dakota Street near the campus that was erected in 1887.

Mr. Don Beaty, Vermillion resident was named South Dakota�s new Secretary of Finance by Governor Sigrud Anderson.  Mr. Beaty served in the State Senate for three terms, 1943, 1945 and 1947.  He is a prominent livestock feeder with yards in the Meckling area and is also President of the South Dakota Corn Belt Feeders Association.

Vermillion was once a key way station on the pioneer Military Road and government trail between Sioux City and Ft. Randall.  The Military Road came into use in 1856 when the fort at Pierre was moved down the river to Ft. Randall.  In 1860, a year after the founding of Vermillion the federal government gave a contract for weekly mail delivery by mule drawn stage coach along the trail.

Several farmers in Clay County are flying enthusiasts and there is some talk of organizing a unit of Flying Farmers Club in the area.  This is a National Organization and has a large membership in some Midwestern states.

In March of 1946, the cast of the all school play, �Tea for Tom,� were Delmar Lynch, Rosalyn Westre, Sally Artley, Kay Opperud, Mary Lee Falk, Merlin Kaberle, Robert Waddell, Philip Ostlund, Gerry Swanson, and David Edstrom.

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