Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

Vermillion has never had a boom which is a good thing.  The growth has taken place slowly, healthy and permanent.  From past history we may deduce that Vermillion will continue to grow slowly as the years go by.  The size of the town is of no great importance; its solidarity means much.  (Copied from J.B�s Wax, Aug 24, 1950)

See Stevenson�s Equipment Company for your 1950 Buick. Typical delivery price on a Buick Roadmaster is $2887.00.

J. B. Townsley states that South Dakota is the only state in the Union that does not have a driver�s license law.

Many years ago the ticket agent at the depot had a busy session every morning selling �shopper�s special� tickets to patrons going for a day of shopping in Sioux City.  At that time the train carried three or more passenger coaches every day.

Davis Pharmacy will hold its grand Re-opening on July 29, 1950. Among the extensive changes is the addition of a modern prescription department located in a prominent place in the store. Other changes include a new fountain, new flextile floor, new wallpaper and two long rows of fluorescent lights. Marshall Davis, proprietor, wishes to thank friends and customers for their loyal patronage during the weeks of inconvenience while the improvements have been made. To celebrate the grand re-opening, the Pharmacy will have free coffee and doughnuts and fresh strawberry sundaes for 14 cents.

Spike Jones may appear here in 1951.  The junior chamber of commerce will sponsor the event.

With all the instant foods now on the market it looks like we should have all kinds of extra time on our hands but it doesn�t seem to work that way.  Did you know that one is supposed to be able to get breakfast in less than five minutes?  This is the menu to use:  frozen or canned juice, instant coffee, tea or cocoa, instant cereal, toast and butter � it might come in handy on some rushed morning.

Today Kaiser-Frazer builds its 500,000th and finest automobile!!! It�s the only car with anatomic design!! See the 1951 model at Bowman Motors on West Main and Hiway 19. Phone 14.

The contents of one of Vermillion�s historic homes, the Morgan house at 109 Austin Avenue, will be sold at auction next Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 pm. The contents include many valued antiques, dishes and regular furniture. Herbert Jorgenson is the Auctioneer.

Tanager Day candidates for Queen are: Mary Patterson, Marilyn Trumbower, and Charlotte Ahlgrim. The candidates for the King include Russell Bauer, Richard Erickson and Jim Newbold.

The new fire truck is on display for the Vermillion Community to see. It is a 2-ton Chevrolet and is the first new truck added to the department since 1939. It brings the total to four trucks, all of which can pump a total of 1,800 gallons of water an hour.

If you like Sterling Silver, now is the time to buy. Yeado Jewelers have 6 piece place settings for $27.50.  One popular pattern is Damask Rose. It has fairy tale loveliness.

The Macy Hotel Coffee Shop will serve a deluxe Thanksgiving dinner from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. Children under 12 are half price. Call 711 for table reservations.

O. P. Skaggs has lutefisk for 19 cents per pound.  Beef Roast is 59 cents per pound, fresh country ducks are 49 cents per pound and cranberries, 2 lbs for 25 cents.

A �Prince of the Forest� reigns 12 miles north of Vermillion. Nobody in Clay County will argue that the large buck deer is not the Prince of the Forest. He has been seen twice about 12 miles north of Vermillion.  Someone said that at the very least, he has six points in his antlers.

Five grass fires this week have kept the fire department busy. The Fire chief, H. O. Berke warned people this week that they should be careful as the weeds and grass is so dry and it spreads quickly.

Why eat elsewhere?  The Macy Hotel Coffee Shop will serve a Business Men�s and Student�s Lunch consisting of soup, main meat dish, choice of salad or dessert and coffee for 50 cents. The Full Plate Lunch with your choice of meat or fish, includes soup. Dessert and coffee for 85 cents.

Nineteen tickets for parking and traffic violations were issued by the local police department during the past week.

The last columns have been written by J. B. Townsley entitled �J. B�s Wax� as J B passed away on Monday.  He was a brilliant writer and his column was widely read. He also wrote a column for the Sioux Falls Argus Leader every Sunday.  Thanks, J.B.

The Citizens Bank plans to remodel the front of the building starting on Dec. 1, according to R. B. Stevens and A. H. Winter, bank officers.

The Eagle Lodge building construction is progressing rapidly. The general contractor of the 60 X 110 edifice is Henkel Construction Company of Mason City, Iowa. Two local firms, Elliott Electric for wiring and Al�s Plumbing, also have contracts.

End 1950

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