Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

Work on the extension of Cherry Street to Hiway 19 will start in June of 1950.

The Council Oak Store is in the process of being remodeled.

Neighbors and the Vermillion Fire Department arrived in time to check the flames that threatened Bergen Church in the Norway Community.

The train schedule is back to normal as the National coal strike has ended.  The first westbound morning train arrived at 8:21 am. Another westbound train arrives at 3:25 p.m and the eastbound trains arrive at 3:45 p.m. and 10:27 p.m.

There are many modern conveniences in the homes now such as electric ranges, electric water heaters, and controlled heating plants but there is still something to be said for the coal and wood ranges and furnaces.  In a recent storm many hurried over to the neighbors where coal was still being used to find shelter until the electric service could be restored. 

John B. Murphy of St. Paul has purchased the Macy Hotel from Mr. & Mrs. Howard Macy.  The building was erected in 1906 and was known as the Waldorf Hotel until purchased by Howard Macy in 1945.

Dr. Eyres has opened his new offices for the practice of medicine at 109 E. National Street.  He is also director of student health at USD.  His office will be open in the afternoons to see patients.

Two break-ins occurred at Thompson Lumber Company and Mullaney Grain Company during the night on Tuesday. Thompsons lost a new electric drill, a Black and Decker, 110 volt AC-DC, ? inch and Mullaneys lost $1.75 in small change and a light blue overcoat, knee length.  The Sheriff and Police are investigating both robberies.

Austin Dairy has a February Ice Cream special called �White House�.  It is a delicious creamy vanilla ice cream flavored with whole Maraschino cherries.  Try some, it�s delicious.

The City Council approved the rates set by the Vermillion Golf Club.  Green fees will be 50 cents for all day, every day, except Sundays and holidays.  Rates for those days will be $1.00.  Family memberships will be $20.00.  Single memberships, $15.00, Social memberships, $7.50 and Junior memberships $5.00.

Pillow radios at the head of every bed have been installed at Dakota Hospital.  The radios operate for an hour intermittently upon the deposit of one dime in the receptacle on top of the machine, which holds up to 5 dimes.

�Do unto others� could well be the motto of the Vermillion Civic Council.  In 1950, the organization has given 30 years of faithful service, brought happiness and comfort to the less fortunate people of our community.  The Civic Council was organized in 1918 under the direction of Mrs. Charles R. G. Wellington, Mrs. Charles Gunderson and Mrs. Lewis Akeley as promoters.

Two ears of yellow dent corn picked in 1914 were brought to the Plain Talk office by Gordon Collar.  They had been picked by his grandfather, B.W. Collar and had been hanging from a rafter in the barn since the first year of WW I.  The kernels still had life. A couple were put in the germinator at J.C. Mullaney�s and they sprouted. One was put in a can of earth and a stalk came up.

Some of the ball players are sounding off about a new rule for pitchers that makes them subject to frequent penalties for balks.  Leo Durocher is disgusted with the change of rules, and says that the next thing they will be giving umpires whistles.

Modern Electric Company is having a grand opening on April 14 according to L. A. Herried.  The store is located on the corner of Main and Center Streets.  Mr. Herried states �that we have one of the most modernly equipped stores of its kind in the Midwest�.

W. R. Hays, Executive Assistant of Northwestern Bell Telephone Company explained to the Rotary Club the latest developments of the television broadcast system.

No effort has been spared to give the people of Vermillion trade territory a bigger, better and a really modern Council Oak Store.  New shelving with fluorescent lighting, new iced fruit and veggie case, and a new meat department case is in place for the cheeses.

Bruyer School #8 will put on a western style carnival at the school located 5 miles east and ? mile north of Vermillion.  There will be lots to do with a fun land, slides, merry-go-round and other fun things to do.  The carnival will last 2 days and a barn dance will be held each night.  The funds raised will be used to buy a new radio-phonograph to replace the one stolen and to purchase some play ground equipment.  Milton Buechler is teacher of the school.

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