Wildlife diversity small grant proposals being accepted

The South Dakota Department of Game, Fish and Parks Wildlife Diversity Program is accepting small grant proposals.

The program provides funding for researchers, educators and naturalists for projects focused on native wildlife. Funding for the 2011 Small Grants Program totals $35,000 for projects dealing with the monitoring of native wildlife species and their habitats.

Wildlife Diversity Small Grants have been provided since 1997. A wide range of projects have been completed so far in the state, ranging from creation of a field guide on Tiger Beetles of South Dakota to evaluating the nesting ecology of raptors in the Black Hills.

GFP recognizes that there is a tremendous pool of talent and expertise outside of the department that can be very beneficial to the mission of the Wildlife Division. By making small grants available, GFP can tap that outside talent and expertise.

The diverse projects that have been completed in the last 14 years have resulted in numerous publications in scientific journals, popular educational products, and a tremendous amount of new data and information on native wildlife species and their habitats.

Wildlife Diversity Program proposals are due by Feb.15.

For more information, contact the Wildlife Diversity Program at (605) 773-4345, or email Nathan.Baker@state.sd.us . Additional information and grant application forms can be found at:http://gfp.sd.gov/wildlife/funding/wildlife-diversity-small-grants.aspx

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