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It is that time of year again!  Volunteers trained to use material provided by the IRS will provide tax preparation services at the library. Scheduled hours are from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  on Saturdays, March 19 and 26, and April 9.  Pick up a list of free tax services at the circulation desk.

�DearReader�, the online book club, has added a Teen tab to its library tabs for Facebook.  This tab displays the daily book club excerpt right on Facebook.  Teens can sign up for the Teen Book Club without leaving Facebook.  This also opens the door for teens to post comments about the current books and make their friends aware of new books.

�DearReader� has also added the feature, BookTweets that automatically sends out a tweet letting people know what books their library is featuring each week on the Online Book Club. This feature is available to the book club members.  A link in the tweet takes readers to a page showing each of the clubs, the book jackets, titles, and authors.  Patrons can then click to read the excerpt in their browser, on their mobile device, or click to subscribe to the daily emails.  For more information email the site at

Check out the VPL�s TumbleBookLibrary and TumbleReadables collection on the library�s home page.  Click on the children�s department link.  Readers can look at a new read-along graphic novel demo by clicking on this site,

The library�s home page has also added a link the WebMD.  The homepage address is

Weekly Online Book Club

The Book Club offers many selections to Internet patrons.  Each book runs for five days, Monday through Friday.  Some genres offer selections every other week.  Check out this service by registering at the library�s Web site, and clicking on the book club icon.  The Online Book Club is asking it�s readers to write and tell what they enjoy about this special lib, 2011 are:

AUDIO BOOK: No selection for this week.

BUSINESS: Outstanding, by John G. Miller.

FICTION: The Rhetoric of Death, by Judith Rock.

GOOD NEWS: The Anonymous Bride, by Vickie McDonough.

MYSTERY:  Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons, by Blaize Clement.

NON-FICTION: The Unforgiving Minute, by Craig M. Mullaney.

PRE-PUB:  No selection for this week.

ROMANCE: Chasing Perfect, by Susan Mallery.

SCIENCE FICTION: No selection for this week.

TEEN: The Mermaid�s Mirror, by L. K. Madigan.

THRILLER: No selection for this week.

New Adult

Historical Fiction

The Gold Rush has taken hold of the Wild West.  Pioneers from around the country congregate in makeshift settlements like Motherlode in hopes of striking it rich.  It�s here that Alex, disguised as a boy and on the run from her troubled past, is able to blend in among the rough and tumble prospectors living on little more that adrenaline and moonshine.  Pick up author Mary Volmer�s first novel, Crown of Dust.

Exiled in Paris, tiny, one-hundred-year-old Mathilde Kschessinska sits down to write her memoirs before all that she believes to be true is forgotten.  A lifetime ago, she was the vain, ambitious, impossibly charming prima ballerina assoluta of the tsar�s Russian Imperial Ballet in St. Petersburg.  Now, as she looks back on her tumultuous life, she can still recall every slight she ever suffered, every conquest she ever made.  The True Memoirs of Little K, by Adrienne Sharp is a riveting story that thrusts readers into a world lost to time.  Sharp is also the author of novels White Swan, Black Swan and The Sleeping Beauty.

In the harsh wilderness of colonial Massachusetts, Martha Allen is forced to take work as a servant in her cousin�s home.  Unwed and, at 19, considered by most a spinster, Martha locks wills with everyone around her, including Thomas Carrier, a resolutely silent worker with a mysterious past,  whose stubborn independence matches her own. The Wolves of Andover, by Kathleen Kent, is a story of love and intrigue from the early days of America�s history.  Kent is the national bestselling author of The Heretic�s Daughter.

In 1861, as the United States teeters on the brink of civil war, Colonel Charles P. Rook organizes security in the nation�s capital and monitors the death threats pouring into the White House. He surrounds Abraham Lincoln with bodyguards, covers rooftops with sharpshooters, and investigates conspiracy fomented by secessionists.  Yet amid the chaos and confusion, a mysterious killer hired by a wealthy Southern planter, slips into the teeming city to eliminate President Lincoln.  The First Assassin, by John J. Miller is a riveting thriller for fans of historical fiction.

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