Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

The voters turned down the new school bond issue by a decisive margin.  It was defeated by 759 to 617.  At least 60 percent of the total vote cast is needed to pass the bond issue.

Construction of the new Concordia Lutheran Church has begun at the corner of East Main Street and University Avenue. The old Lewis house built 60 years ago was moved to Cottage Avenue so the church could be built on the site.  The Lewis house was an early landmark in Vermillion.

Dr. Warren E. Lee has been named Dean of Fine Arts and Dr. Walter L. Hard is the new Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of South Dakota.

Plans are being made for the construction of the Danforth Chapel at the University.  A grant of $5,000 from William Danforth of St. Louis has been received. Plans to raise an additional $10,000 among students, alumni and friends of the University will begin May 4th.  The building will be used primarily for private meditation and small group services.  It will seat from 46 to 60 people.

The Vermillion Club of Southern California, at its annual meeting at the Southgate Municipal Park in California, voted to give a memorial gift to Dakota Hospital in recognition of the outstanding service it has given Clay County.  Rev. L. A. Roseland a former Clay County resident was in attendance at the meeting.  Many former residents of Clay County were in attendance at the meeting.

A delegation headed by Mayor Ralph Leer will represent Vermillion at the ground breaking ceremonies to be held at Gavins Point.  Two million yards of earth will be moved in preparing the site for a spillway and powerhouse on the historic calumet bluff overlooking the Missouri on the Nebraska side of the river.  A huge map of the dam and reservoir will enable the crowd to visualize it, and a public address system will enable those in attendance to hear the speakers.

Burbank School, District 10, won the class and trophy with 16 ? points in the Clay County field meet at Inman Field on the USD campus.

Articles valued between $700 and $800 were stolen from the Wakonda school house last Thursday night.  Articles stolen include a typewriter, a projector, 2 tape recorders, a movie camera, light meter, a saxophone and a clarinet.  The bandits attempted to knock the dial off the safe but did not succeed.  The Attorney General�s Office in Pierre is assisting in the investigation.

In 1932, a horseshoe pitching contest, free movie tickets to everyone over 60 years of age, and bargain in all stores were promised to shoppers on Vermilion Day.  The horseshoe contest was scheduled to start at 6:00 pm in the vacant lot back of Meisenholder�s store.

The Burbank Street Lights Association was organized on May 4, 1952 in a meeting at the M.W.A. Hall.  The meeting was called to discuss the possibility of installing a system of street lights in the town.  Plans call for the installation of at least eleven lights on Burbank streets by the Clay Union Electric Corporation.

From the Plain Talk files in May 1932, it states a new lunch room; the �Midget Lunch� will be opened Saturday by Mrs. C. Bacon and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. C. Bacon, Jr.  It will be located at the site of the popcorn stand which Mrs. Bacon has operated on Main Street for the past 15 years.  The motto of the new lunchroom is �Everything Five Cents�.

R. E. Walpole, a well known business man, had been appointed as Superintendent of Dakota Hospital.  He is filling the vacancy created by the resignation of Rev. L. A. Roseland.  Mr. Walpole, a registered pharmacist, came to Vermilion in 1939 from Springfield, SD and purchased the Neumayer Pharmacy.  In 1947, he retired from active business and sold the business to Ray Cash.

The rural eighth grade commencement exercises will be held on Saturday at the March Theatre.  Fifty nine pupils will receive diplomas from Mrs. Elvira Bliss, County Superintendent of Schools.

Clay County�s first Extension Club was organized in 1923.  It was called the D.M.H Club.  The club was named after the first three officers, Mrs. Nettie Dennison, President; Miss Elizabeth Matson, (now Mrs. Will Clark), Vice President; and Mrs. Blanche Harrington, Secretary-Treasurer.

Mrs. Walter Christopherson, clerk at the J. C. Penney Store, received the Chamber of Commerce Courtesy Award for the month of May.  Mrs. Christopherson has been a member of the J. C. Penney Staff since 1946.  The first award winner last month was Bob Royem of Davis Pharmacy.

This week, June 9th, 1952, the houses of Mr. & Mrs. Julius Erickson and Mrs. Amanda Erickson were moved from Norway Township to their new locations on Elm Street in Vermillion.  The former sites of the homes were washed away by the Missouri flood in the spring.

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