Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

Raymond L Collar will begin his 28th year as County Judge this year.  Judge Collar was born in a log cabin where the Herbert Bliss farm home now stands on West Main Street.  His interest and concern is for the young people who appear before him in juvenile court.  His philosophy is �give children a satisfactory environment and they will become good citizens�.  His work also includes probating estates and during the past 27 years has married more than 800 couples.

�An American in Paris� starring Gene Kelly is now showing at the Co-Ed Theatre.  Interest rate of 2% is being paid on CD�s at the National Bank of South Dakota.  Sheriff Herman Nelson had a part in corralling a 14-year-old Chicago youth near Irene, South Dakota whose flight in a stolen car brought out a squadron of county and state police officers.  The boy was armed.  He sped away from a filling station in Beresford without paying for gas.  West of Irene he abandoned the car and took to the fields.  When officers surrounded him, he threw his gun into a snow bank.  He is being held in the Union County Jail.

The Civic Council is beginning its 35th year of work and the organization wishes to share with the community a brief review of the year�s work.  The Council is made up of 38 women�s organizations, including church groups.  During the past year $890.00 was spent, the large share being used for corrective work, such as dental care, rheumatic fever, eyes, x-rays, insulin, milk and hospital care.  The chief source of income for the work comes from private donations and from the sale of items donated by residents of the community.  The salesroom is in the basement of the City Library and is open to the public every Tuesday afternoon at 2 o�clock.  The city librarian cooperates in this project. All donations are used in some way.  Many boxes are sent overseas.  Those articles not sold are donated to the Salvation Army.  When you do your yearly house cleaning, remember your Civic Council with articles you no longer want.

Anyone losing car accessories should report their loss quickly as possible to the police according to Chief of Police Pat Purcell.  He said a number of thefts such as hubcaps; fender skirts and chrome rings have been reported missing during the past three weeks.

Courtesy pays off:  Courtesy is going to be a publicized virtue around Vermillion with the inauguration of the Courtesy Award program by the retailers committee of the Chamber of Commerce.  Secret judges will make nominations from among employees in Vermillion stores.  Three points will be considered, (1) courtesy, (2) appearance, and (3) knowledge of merchandise or service.  An award will be made each month.  The employee winning the award each month will receive a certificate, a traveling plaque for the store in which he or she works and a cash prize of $5.00.  A picture of the winner will be published in the Plain Talk each month.

Local teachers have expressed their thoughts about Vermillion needing a new school.  Both Jolly and Austin schools are old and the lack of space for the students is an issue.  Mary Francis Van Gorkum states: �Imagine thirty 5 year olds wanting to run, hop, skip, jump and paint all at one time in a space much to small�.  Alice Clemens states that: �Children do better work in a modern, well equipped building.  The crowding is also a health hazard as heating and ventilation is difficult to control, thus contagious diseases spread easily�.  Voters will decide if school bonds should be issued in a special school district election on April 1, 1952.

Robbers were at work on Monday night when they broke into the Fullerton Lumber Yard.  They damaged the safe but failed to get it open.  However, they left with about $10.00 in petty cash and some stamps.  Authorities feel the same burglars broke into the Flannery Lumber Yard at Elk Point about 11:30 the same night.

A Teen Canteen will open at 7:30 on Friday night.  Teenagers who have purchased a membership card for 50 cents will be eligible to attend and may bring guests.  The canteen is sponsored by the JR. Chamber of Commerce and the Jaycettes.  It will occupy the rooms on Main Street formerly used by the VFW club.  The canteen will be open one night a week from 7:30 to 10:30 under the supervision of club members and their parents.

The 1952 Flood is the most destructive flood since 1881.  Many farms in Norway and Meckling townships were in this flood.  The Missouri River caused the Vermillion River to flood south of Vermilion.  At the crest of the flood, the water was nearly up to the floor of the Airline Bridge.

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