Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the Plain Talk

Weekend specials at O P Skaggs include large size head lettuce, 9 cents; Winesap applies, 3 lbs, 25 cents; Swiss steak, 89 cents per lb; Center cut pork chips, 59 cents per lb; Beef roasts, 59 cents per lb.

The Coyote Beauty Shop has added another competent operator to work with Rosell.  Make your Easter appointment now by calling 373.

There are few television receivers in Vermilion and nearby.  It is rumored in trade papers that the FCC will allot new stations on the air by next fall. Color TV is something to look at in awe. It is infinitely superior to black and white TV.  Until (1) new stations are constructed in Sioux City and Sioux Falls, (2) FCC announces results of its finds and (3) decisions on color TV may be better known.

A new automatic press is being installed at the Plain Talk.  The new press is designed for the production of job printing and will give faster service on the increasing volume of printing being done.

The Mongram News on Center Street has been sold to Bernard (Bud) and Sara Walz.

Austin Dairy�s special this week is �Pineapple Cottage Cheese.�  This wonderfully different cheese food will be available for three weeks. Try Some!!

The McKusick Law Library, Julian Hall and the Davidson Power Plant will be dedicated on Sunday by former Governor George T. Mickelson as principal speaker.

The Civic Improvement Committee of the Chamber of Commerce discussed the possibility of having parking meters in Vermillion.  Many states with towns the size of Vermillion have parking meters. The reason for installing the meters is to provide a more convenient parking situation on the Main Street for visitors and shoppers. The theory is that the meters will deter business men and their employees and casual parkers from keeping their cars in the busy street areas.  The standard fee is five cents an hour and ten cents for 2 hours.  Pennies can be inserted for short stops. No official recommendations have been given to date.

Nelson Eddy will come to Vermillion to open the 1951 Artist Series in Vermillion. The exact date has not been set.

The trend toward new storefronts along Main Street keeps growing. Work is now under way at Kolb�s Shoe Store, the Coyote Barbershop and Earl Stevens Men�s Clothing Store.

Social Security will become effective for South Dakota�s public employees starting July 1, 1951. State, county, municipal and school district employees who do not have Social Security numbers should begin to apply for them immediately according to the Director of Old Age and Survivor�s Insurance for South Dakota.

The Black Hills Playhouse group just moved into a building at Camp Lodge in Custer State Park that was to provide more suitable accommodations than at Legion Lake where the Playhouse operated last year. However, on June 10, fire destroyed the building along with a box of costumes, a walk-in refrigerator, electric wire, and about $150.00 in groceries. The Playhouse has now converted another building at Camp Lodge into a theatre and is again operating.

There is an important change in the bus schedule on July 1, 1951. Call the bus depot at Phone # 61 for information.

The G. Meisenholder Company is closing out their grocery department and their stock of home appliances. The change will make considerable extra space for the handling and display of clothing and textile goods.

A gala open house will be held at Jacobson�s bakery to celebrate the completion of their redecoration and remodeling. There will be conducted tours by Mr. Lauritzen and Mr. Christensen, owners of the bakery.

The telephone company will construct a new building on a lot on the east side of Prospect Street between Main and National Streets.

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