USD forum set for Feb. 9

�The Arab World in Turmoil?� will be the topic of the Feb. 9 International Forum to be held in noon in Farber Hall. This forum is sponsored by the Beacom School of Business.  Panelists include: Nagla Anees (Medical School & native of Egypt), Yosr Bouhlal (USD graduate student who just returned from her native Tunisia and Ben Hausman (USD student who just returned from a three week study tour of Morocco).

Moderator: Dr. Benno Wymar (economics and has lived in the Middle East for more than two years).

Jordan�s government appears to be the latest victim of an �Arab Revolution� which started only a few weeks ago in Tunisia. Although the news media seem to concentrate on changes in Egypt, countries like Algeria and Yemen are facing pressures to change as well. And even the Saudi Kingdom could be forced to make fundamental changes.  That could really boost oil prices, which already have gone beyond $100 a barrel.

Could we end up with paying $8 for gasoline? Will the new �Arab Revolution� mean the end of dictatorships by the kings and generals or will the Muslim Brotherhood and similar conservative groups press for the introduction of �Sharia Law� (which tends to be tough on women)? 

Are the Arabs ready for democracy?  Are there fears some of these Middle Eastern nation could follow the example of (non-Arab) Iran, where even the playing of music became prohibited after its �Revolution?�

These and other issues will be taken up by the panelists.

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