Letter to the Editor: Governor should offer apology to constituents

The governor�s national meeting is going on now.  The item that concerns me is our lack of safeguards for our education programs.

We talk about catching up with the world; the only way is through education.  When we cut funds in education, we are not only affecting our youngsters, but also contributing to the recession with more unemployment.

The state of Montana has a surplus of money.  They are going to use that money to keep the economy moving forward and also maintaining their education and government programs.

Governor Dennis Daugaard wants to cut 10 percent to education and government programs.  This will cut jobs, which will also increase our unemployment.

South Dakota�s leadership took the low road again.  Our education programs will go further in the tank.  The children who are in the grades now will lose out, and as they get older, they will never have the chance to learn in that grade again.

Our governor, as a candidate, told us our state�s economy was in good shape!  How can a new governor be so smart, after the election, to tell us that we are faced with a 10 percent cuts?  This has been the biggest lie of 2010.

The people of South Dakota deserve an apology NOW!!

Berwyn Svoboda

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