Local runners compete in Sioux Falls race

Vermillion was well represented in the St. Patty�s Day Mile held Saturday, March 12 in Sioux Falls.  In the 5-mile race Randy Rasmussen placed 7th in (31:42), Carol Lavin was 33rd (38:04), Eric Jepsen 39th (39:01), James Korcuska 62nd (41:05), Evie Clercx 76th (42:07), Karen Harris and Amanda Anderson 127th (46:35) and Lisa Korcuska and Mary Hulac 163rd in (50:34).  In the race Randy and Carol placed 1st in the men and women�s Masters division.  There were 213 runners competing in the race.

The 5K race started two hours later. Nick Cerny and Randy Rasmussen tied for 12th in (19:18), Carol Lavin was 53rd in (23:35), Eric Jepsen 63rd in (23:58), Kevin Haselhorst 67th in (24:09), Ashley Brunick 115th in (25:32), Shana Cerny 126th in (25:58), Faron Pratt 243rd in (28:56), Dave Hertz 347th in (30:52), Desi Settles 383rd in (31:40), Val Anderson 400th in (32:14), Tami Mockler 449th in (33:39), Amy Hertz 450th in (33:40), Kelly Saunders 511th in (36:28), Amy Haselhorst 519th in (36:51), Keith Mockler 520th in (36:52), Shelly Brunick 587th in (43:38), and Michelle Pratt 608th in (48:38).  Ashley Brunick and Carol Lavin placed first in their age group, Randy Rasmussen placed first in the Masters division.  A total of 626 runners finished the race.

There were 188 runners that started the St. Patty�s mile, the final race of the day.  Randy Rasmussen placed 13th in (5:40), Carol Lavin was 36th in (6:34), Eric Jepsen 37th in (6:35), Madison Lavin 63rd in (7:06) and Hunter Lavin 156th in (10:09).  Carol Lavin placed third overall in the woman�s division. Madison Lavin won her age group and Randy Rasmussen won the Masters division.

The Irishman division was the combined time of all thre races. Randy Rasmussen placed sixth in (56:40), Carol Lavin was 33rd in (1:08:13) and Eric Jepsen was 30th in (1:09:34).  Carol and Randy placed first Masters division of the race.  Kevin Bjerke of Aberdeen won the Irishman division in (51:43), which had 116 runners finish.

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