Senior meals campaign scheduled during March

March and Mayors for Meals is a national campaign held every year to promote public awareness, recruit new volunteers, and make contributions to increase funding for the Senior Meals Programs during the month of March. A senior is defined as 60 years of age and older.  Meals on Wheels take food to those who can�t get out, thus allowing them to stay in their homes and live longer because of good nutrition. 

Congregate meals allow for fellowship and new friends and are served at our Senior Citizen�s Center, 320 West Main Street.  If you know of anyone who could use or needs this nutritional program, we want to help get them included in these services. 

Watch for events/opportunities to help contribute to the Senior Meals Program. There are  31 communities (sites) in South Dakota participating in the Senior Meals Program and it involves 22 counties. 

For more information or any questions, call Karen Gibbs at 624-6164.

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