Sesquicentennial Highlights: 1952

The cornerstone of the new Concordia Lutheran Church was laid on Sunday.  Among the items that were sealed in the cornerstone were a Bible, a Lutheran Hymn book , a copy of Luther�s Small Catechism, the constitution of the Congregation, documents pertaining to the religious work being done at the University, a list of present church officers, and a copy of the Vermillion Plain Talk.

New bleachers will be added to the University Stadium.  The seating capacity will be increased from 7,000 to 9,000. The new steel bleachers will be added on the north side of the field.  This will allow the sale of Dakota Day tickets earlier than before.  Present plans call for the tickets to go on sale on August 1.  The Coyote team encounters State College on Dakota Day, October 25th.  The cost of reserved seats in the south stadium will be $2.50 and $2.00 in the north stadium.  General admission tickets are $1.25.

Daryle W. Stahly of Armour, SD has been appointed the new manager of Clay Union Electric Corporation.  The vacancy was created by the resignation of LeRoy �Dutch� Blair who has been with the local REA since October of 1945.

A new, streamlined post office service was inaugurated in Vermillion last Friday when a virtual post office on wheels stopped for the first time in Vermilion and was welcomed by an enthusiastic crowd of interested citizens.  The truck was met at the outskirts of Vermillion by the Vermillion Police Force and escorted to the post office where it was greeted by a band and color guard of Boy Scouts.  This is a highway post office on tires.  It operates with one driver and one or more clerks who work letter mail and parcels en-route.  It will carry all classes of mail from first class letters and even such perishables as baby chicks.  Mail service will be speeded up 24 hours as a result of earlier delivery of mail in Vermillion.

This summer, Dr. I. D. Weeks will begin his 18th year as President of USD. He came here on July 1, 1935.

In 1922 around 40 men, members of the �blue shirt� army of ex-soldiers and unemployed men en-route to Washington to ask for relief, passed through Vermillion early Monday morning aboard a freight train.

Vermillion is entering a period of high activity.  Work was scheduled this week on the face lifting job on Main Street.  The sidewalks will be torn up and new walks laid from Dakota Street on the east to High Street on the west.  A new and modern Mercury vapor street lighting system will be installed with the lights mounted on a new set of metal standards. While the streets are torn up, storm sewers on both sides of the street will be repaired.  On Main Street the new sidewalks will be two feet narrower with the result of the pavement being two feet wider.

The new telephone building on Prospect Street is nearing completion and Clay Union Electric Corporation will soon be at work on the construction of their new headquarters.  The residential section of town has several new homes under construction.

The new parsonage at Dalesburg Lutheran Church was dedicated on August 9th, 1952.

There is something new for your dinner menu.  Pete�s Produce on National Street is producing a new hybrid pheasant chicken.  They look like chickens but their grandparents a few generations back were pheasants.  The new hybrid has developed through five matings of pheasants and chickens.  They are for sale in five Vermillion stores; Council Oak, Stark & Lass, O. P. Skaggs, Hinchliff�s, and the City Market.  The bird produces a finely grained meat of a rich succulent flavor.  They have 15% more meat, a mild pheasant flavor, white meat on the thigh and a broad breast.

There will be a grand opening of the Hotel Coffee Shop and new banquet room on Saturday, August 15th.  Come and enjoy free coffee and sandwiches from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.  Come and greet the new managers, Mr. & Mrs. Bill Peterson.

Guy Lombardo with �The Sweetest Music This Side of Heaven� plus 6 top TV acts will be at the Corn Palace on September 21st through September 27th.  Dance to the Guy Lombardo orchestra on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights.

The former airport hangar will be moved to the Fairgrounds site.  The building has been purchased from Mr. L. H. Holmes who purchased the building in 1951.

Two Courtesy winners were chosen by the Retailers Committee for the month of August.  Mr. Sid Engman, an employee of Russ� Gamble Store since 1936 and Mrs. Fred Christopherson of the City Market were chosen the winners.  Mrs. Christopherson has been employed at the City Market for two years.

Vermillion will have a drive in theatre next year according to plans announced this week by George March, manager of the March and Co-ed Theatres.  The new theatre will have a 350 car capacity and will be located just east of the intersection of Highways 19 and 50, northwest of the city.

All concrete work on the new Cherry Street extension of Highway 50 is scheduled to be completed today.  After all the inspections are made and the state engineering department has approved the work, the highway will be open for traffic.

Connie Chaussee and Don Delzell were named Queen and King of Tanager Day.  Trudy Hasse will reign as Miss Dakota this year.

The Dakota Hospital Auxiliary was organized on October 3, 1952.  They will be making supplies and sewing for the hospital.

Forty persons have registered for the first two adult education classes at VHS.  Typing and short hand are being offered for 12 weeks.  The cost is $6.00 per course.

The City Council is advertising for bids for traffic signals at Dakota and Main and Main and Center streets.  The next week bids were opened from four companies.  A motion was made to reject all bids.  The motion carried in a divided vote.

Clay County is thought to be the hardest hit county in South Dakota by poliomyelitis in 1952. 

End 1952

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