United Way of Vermillion accepting applications

The United Way of Vermillion is taking applications for 2012 funding.  The United Way of Vermillion is currently funding 19 agencies in Vermillion and surrounding areas.  To receive United Way support, an agency must be incorporated and operate as a non-profit, tax-exempt charity or under a local government agency, gifts to which are deductible by the donor for Federal Income Tax purposes according to the Internal Revenue Service Code subsection 501(c). 

Agencies must support advancing the common good through education (helping children and youth achieve their potential,) health (improving people�s health,) or income (promoting financial stability).  Each agency must meet minimum program and management standards as defined in United Way of Vermillion�s Evaluation Criteria.

The application deadline for 2012 funding is April 30.  Applications will be reviewed by the United Way Board of Directors in early May 2011.

Application materials and policies are available online at:  www.unitedwayofvermillion.org or from the United Way of Vermillion office located at 24 East Cherry Street (phone number: 624-5354).

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