VCT completes ‘Amp it Up’ Campaign

The Vermillion Community Theatre has been conducting the "Amp it Up" campaign to improve the sound system at the Vermillion High School Performing Arts Center for two years.Through the generosity of many individuals, businesses and other organizations, VCT has successfully reached the fundraising goal of $35,000 and completed the two-year project. 

Outdated consumer-grade products have been replaced with professional equipment while some entirely new systems have entered the scene.  The improvements include permanent installation of thousands of feet of specialized cables, a new intercom system for the backstage crew, an eight channel wireless microphone system, digital recording and playback equipment and a host of other upgrades.  For the first time new video equipment enables the musicians in the orchestra pit and off-stage performers to view the action on stage in real time.

The project has been a partnership between the VCT and the Vermillion School District with the district supplying some of the equipment.  Significant donations were received from the Vermillion Community Foundation and the Dakota Hospital Foundation. 

The project was completed with contributions from16 area businesses and 57 individuals.  All of the labor was donated by members of the Vermillion Community Theatre, ably led by John Grayson.

VCT President Anthony Burbach said, "We so appreciate the use of the VHS Performing Arts Center for the VCT summer camps and productions, that we wanted to do something that would benefit all users of this great community resource. We thank everyone that gave so generously."

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