Vermillion Special Olympics BB brings home silver for second year

Vermillion School Special Olympics basketball teams were in action at Yankton on March 11th and 12th for the State Basketball tournament. Members for the tournament included Cody Knudson, Sharrie Stammer, Kathy

Pictured are (back) Coach Lenni Billberg, Sharrie Stammer, James Solberg, Dylan Rasmussen, Cody Knudsen, Kathie Herrera, Coach Jen Law; and (front) Team Manager Baily Sullivan, Shaylene Davis, Jon Manning and Dillion Hudelson.

Herrerra, Jon Manning, Dillion Huddelson, Dylan Rasmussen, Shaylene Davis and James Solberg. On Friday pool play began with Vermillion defeating the Yankton Crushers 31-16. Cody Knudson led the team with 15 points followed by Dylan Rasmussen with 8, Jon Manning with 6 and Shari Stammer had 2.

In the second round game Vermillion played Watertown 3. This was a very exciting game winning 24-22. Cody Knudson led the team with 10 points followed by Dylan Rasmussen with 8, Jon Manning with 4 and Kathy Herrerra with 2. In the final round of day one Vermillion faced a very good and tall SF Eliminator team.They lost 20-27. Dylan Rasmussen led the team with 8 points, followed by Cody Knudson with 6. Shari Stammer, Jon Manning and Kathy Herrerra each had 2 points.

On Saturday tournament play began with the Yankton Crushers again. Cody Knudson led the team with 16 points followed by Kathy Herrerra with 6. Dylan Rasmussen had 4 points and Jon Manning added a free throw for 1 point. On to the championship round, Vermillion would face the SF Eliminators once again and lost 22-42. Dylan Rasmussen led the team with 10 points, Cody Knudson 6, Jon Manning 4, Dillion Huddelson and Kathy Herrerra had 2 each.

Coaches for the tournament were Lenni Billberg and Jen Law. Our team played very well throughout the tournament, but the size of the Sioux Falls teams was just too much for us. The kids played hard every game and we are so proud of them!

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