CCYTF board announces 2011 scholarship recipients

The Clay County Youth Trust Fund, Inc. Board of Directors would like to announce the 2011 scholarship recipients.

4-H Scholarships were awarded to Meghan Gylfe, Courtney Nussbaum and Chad Peterson.

Meghan, the daughter of Roland & Kaye Gylfe, will be attending Lake Area Technical Institute to major in Human Services/Mental Health.  Meghan attends Beresford High School and will graduate this May.  She is a member of the Clay County Cubs 4-H Club. The daughter of Jarod and Karla Nussbaum, Courtney will be attending Southeast Area Technical Institute to study Vascular Ultrasound.  Courtney will be a May 2011 Elk Point Jefferson graduate and is a member of the Lucky Trailblazers 4-H Club. 

Chad Peterson, the son of Chuck and Nadeen Peterson, plans to attend the University of South Dakota to major in Political Science.  Chad is a 2011 graduate of Irene-Wakonda High School and a member of the Young Producers 4-H Club.

Centennial Scholarships were awarded to two students this year.

McKenzie Huska, a 2011 graduate of Vermillion High School and the daughter of Jason and Sue Huska, will be attending the University of South Dakota to major in Psychology. 

Greg Peterson, the son of Donnie and Carol Peterson and a 2011 graduate of Irene-Wakonda High School, will be majoring in either the Business or Medical Field. 

The Rosie & Vi Venard Scholarship was awarded to Kelsy Fallan and Ashley Ouellette.  Kelsy, the daughter of David and Julie Fallan, is attending Stewart�s to study Cosmetology.  The daughter of Alan and Sheri Ouellette, Ashley is in the Dental Hygiene program at the University of South Dakota.  Both Kelsy and Ashley are 2010 graduates of Vermillion High School.

The Clay County Youth Trust Fund awards are presented annually to Clay County residents and/or Clay County 4-H members.  Scholarships are funded from the Clay County Youth Trust Fund, Inc., a non-profit organization designed to provide financial aid to Clay County youth.  It is administered by a board of directors comprised of Cathi Powell, Phyllis Sternquist, Sharron Jensen, Mike Carlson, Julie Fallan, Deb Christensen and Ray Passick.

Rose and Vi Venard were the principal founders and contributors to the fund.  Memorials and gifts to the fund are tax-exempt.  The board thanks all who donate each year.  This generosity makes it possible to award so many Clay County youth help with their educational needs.

For more information, contact any board member or the Clay County Extension Office.

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