Deputy to attend FBI training academy

The FBI National Academy (FBINA), one of the most prestigious law enforcement academies in the country, will be getting a Canton representative this spring: Lieutenant Chad Brown, of the Lincoln County sheriffs Department, formally of Vermillion.


The academy, location in Quantico, VA, On the U.S. Marine Corps Base, has four sessions a year, roughly corresponding to the season. Each session allows only 250 law enforcement officers from around the country and the world, an elite group that now includes Lt. Brown. Approximately 10 percent come from law enforcement agencies outside the U.S.

The application process for Brown began about a year ago, when he submitted his application to the local FBI office in Minneapolis and was given approval from his boss, Sheriff Dennis Johnson. He had to undergo a series of background checks and interview as well.

Brown said typically officers would expect to wait at least three to four years to hear back on their applications, with such a competitive program. Brown heard back in half a year.

I was not expecting it that early! he said. Once the application was sent in, he said he almost pushed it to the back of his mind, expecting to wait several years for contact.

He learned of his acceptance five months ago from the Minneapolis office and received the official letter two months ago.

Its definitely an honor, he said. Theres a lot of excitement.

Browns training session begins April 3 and goes through June 10.

The 10 week training session, taught by FBI teaching staff and other professional educators, will focus on leadership development and emphasize critical thinking.

Course offerings include legal issues, leadership, behavioral science, forensic science, law enforcement communication, fitness/health and a specialized instruction program in the law enforcement arts.

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