Garden Line season set to start April 26

BROOKINGS � Garden Line, South Dakota's only show that delivers science-based information on trees, plants and lawns, returns to air on April 26.

The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service produces this Tuesday night television program on the South Dakota State University campus. At a time when more folks are turning to gardening as a way to save money on groceries and as an enjoyable pastime, it's a sure sign of spring when the show comes back to South Dakota Public Television.

What makes the show truly interactive is its toll-free telephone service for viewers. Anyone with issues in their irises or fairy rings in their lawn can get free, top-notch expertise with a simple phone call.

Extension experts in plant pathology, forestry, weeds and horticulture will field those calls and get people answers.

The show's producer, Lowell Haag, said the entire Garden Line team is excited to get back to work.

"Garden Line will have opportunities for viewers to get involved, from calling or e-mailing their questions to our experts to submitting their photos of problems in the garden or lawn," Haag said. "We will continue to strengthen Extension's ties to South Dakota's citizens."

Garden Line airs Tuesday at 7 p.m. on South Dakota Public Television.

The South Dakota Cooperative Extension Service produces the show, and faculty and Extension staffers who work all across South Dakota provide their expertise on gardening, plants, trees and lawn care.

Viewers can call 866-595-SDSU (7378) during the show to ask their questions. Garden Line will continue its popular "Gardening Tip" weekly segments as well as the roundtable of current, important topics.

Garden Line programs will continue through the summer until the season finale on Sept. 6.

Learn more about the show at its website at this link:

Or send ideas for topics, or your questions, to the "Ask Garden Line" e-mail address:

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