Honoring & Remembering: Specialist E4 Larry Edwards

Specialist E4 Larry Edwards was born Oct. 5, 1945 to Pauline and Carl Edwards in Anthon, IA on the family farm.


He was drafted Nov. 9, 1965 and was inducted into the Army in Sioux Falls. His basic training took place at Fort Leonard Wood, MO which is about 80 miles east of Springfield, MO. His training lasted for eight weeks.

After a two week leave Larry was on his way to Fort Lee, VA. He was in Quarter Master Training which lasted for 12 weeks. But because his wife, Lee, was almost due to deliver their first child, Larry was granted a deferment for a couple of months from going to Vietnam.

After bringing his family back to Vermillion, he then flew out of Omaha, NE, to San Francisco, CA and went on board to another plane for Vietnam.

When he arrived in An Khe, Vietnam, there was a need for carpenters. He quickly volunteered and he was kept busy building barracks for the year that he was there. He also had a military drivers license, so he and another soldier would go An Khe to Pleiku with huge barrels of helicopter fuel or go to Qui Nhon to get booze for the servicemen's clubs. For a while, he was the assistant mail clerk.

Larry was involved in some search and supply missions. A whole platoon would go out into the jungle looking for something out of place such as a mine or mortars that hadn't detonated.

The Christmas of 1966 the Bob Hope Show came to An Khe. He brought along the Beach Boys and Miss World, and others.

There are lots of poisonous snakes in Vietnam. One day a snake came from the shower house and all the guys chased him all over the place, said Larry. It finally went back to the shower area and they were able to kill it. We later found out that it was a seven foot Russian Viper which is one of the deadliest snakes around.

The night before he left Vietnam to go home, Larry went to Transportation. Someone tapped him on the shoulder and it was Terry Seney. He was the only one who he saw over there that he knew.

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