Pulpit Reflections: Is war in Libya an issue of morality?

As the president of the United States has once again plunged American armed forces into war, it is important for all of us as citizens to consider whether what our nation is doing is right or wrong.  Are we truly on the side of the angels in making war upon the government of Libya or not?  Please note that we are at war, American air power is flying combat missions against Libyan army positions, killing their soldiers and inflicting tons of damage to civilian life and property as well.

Libya�s dictator, Muamar Gaddafi has been killing Libyan folks to defend his government against an armed and violent takeover.  Is it therefore righteous for us to kill even more Libyan citizens to make sure that the takeover does succeed?  Is Gaddafi�s killing bad, while ours is good?  We have no idea of the real character of the Libyan rebels or that Libya will be better off with them in control.  The fact is that refugees from Libya, of which there are now a couple of million, speak of danger from the rebels as much as from the government forces.  Egypt, of course, is a case in point, it now seems that the government there is being taken over by the radical �Muslim Brotherhood,� thus demonstrating once again that anyone can call themselves �freedom fighters.�

When President Bush led America into war against the government of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, and the Taliban in Afghanistan, in response to the 9/11 attacks on the American trade center, he was at least supported by the American people because the purposes were to retaliate against regimes that support terrorism and stop terrorists from further attacks on our homeland (which are legitimate functions of government).  There is no such excuse for present attacks on the forces of the government of Libya, or any other excuse that we can see except for our President and nation to act as a big bad bully across the Middle East, to which people there will doubtless respond negatively.  When Mr. Bush changed our purpose into establishing democracies in Iraq and Afghanistan, a form of government incompatible with Islam, he mired our nation in wars we cannot justify or win.

The very obscure language with which our present administration speaks about the war in Libya should warn us to wonder about its morality.  Before this the American government has always defended the morality of its cause for going to war.  Until we hear some sound reasons for this war, we cannot support it.  Certainly no one of a sound mind wants to support or justify Gaddafi�s actions.  On the other hand, most of the nations sitting in the United Nations are run by rather nasty folds, Lowering ourselves to their level of immorality by throwing our force around and killing their people is hardly a method of showing them a better way.

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