Ragothaman is Davis-Bahcall Scholarship winner

Gov. Dennis Daugaard has announced the names of 10 South Dakota students who have been selected for scholarships to study with some of the country�s top scientists.

This year�s participants include Janani Ragothaman, a student at Vermillion High School.

The Davis-Bahcall Scholarship winners will spend several days this summer at the Sanford Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory in Lead, at Princeton University in New Jersey, and at the Soudan Mine in northern Minnesota.

Each of the 10 participants underwent a rigorous selection process, including an interview, in order to be part of the program. In addition to the summer study, scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to apply for pre-selected summer internships.

To be eligible for a Davis-Bahcall Scholarship, students must be either high school seniors or college freshman attending a public or private high school or postsecondary institution in South Dakota. Applicants also must show a demonstrated interest in science and intent to pursue an advanced degree in math, science, engineering or technology.

The scholarships, which are funded by the 3M company, are named for renowned physicists Dr. Ray Davis and Dr. John Bahcall.

For more information, visit the South Dakota Department of Education�s website at www.doe.sd.gov

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