Sesquicentennial Highlights


Candles, kerosene lamps and lanterns provided light for the early settlers of Vermillion and Clay County.  This gave away to electric lights in Vermillion with the development of a city generating plant.  In the past 18 years, electricity for lights and power has come to the farms of the county through the lines of the Clay Union Electric Corporation.

There are fourteen automobile service stations in Vermillion. At the present time.  These include, Anderson Brothers, Brunick Oil Co., Buzz�s Service Station, Evergreen Standard, Heck�s Marathon Service, Johnson Oil Company, Bill�s Service Station, Carter�s Texaco Station, A & B. Standard, Stewart Standard Service, Swenson & Donohoe, Vermillion Co-op Oil Co., Warrior Oil Co., and Stevenson�s Skelly Service.

In the 1950 census, 794 of the 1,170 farms in Clay County reported they had telephones.  Of the 1,170 farms in Clay County at the 1950 census, 1089 reported they had electricity.

A stockade was erected in Vermillion in the winter of 1861-62.  A company of 96 men was organized here under Capt. Nelson Minor.  The Vermillion Company was designated as Company �A�, Dakota Cavalry and was mustered into U.S. service on April 19, 1862.

In 1939, O. Fred and Harold Sletwold along with Harold �Lum� Nelson all of Sioux City bought what was then known as the Vermillion Greenhouse located east of the depot below the hill.

Duke Ellington and his famous orchestra will be featured at the Corn Palace this year.

Minnie Pearl, famous comedy star of the Grand Ole Opry, will be one of the headliners on a variety program on October 5th under the sponsorship of the Vermillion Junior Chamber of Commerce.  Tickets are $1.00 before the night of the show.  Box office price is $1.25 

St. Agnes Church has purchased the Anna Dell Morgan home to be used as a convent for the Benedictine Sisters.

The beautiful Heirloom sterling pattern, Damask Rose, is $29.75 for a 6 piece place setting at Yeado Jewelers.

The Vermillion Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring free pancakes featuring Aunt Jemima in person.  Everyone is invited and welcome.  Come to the high school gym between 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 10th.

The Meckling School has 103 students enrolled this year.

Due to frequent snows and icy conditions on city streets during winter months, added traffic hazards are created, particularly on narrow streets.  This creates a problem and hinders the Street Department of its ability to remove snow promptly.  Owners of multiple housing units are urged to provide facilities for off street parking in these congested areas.  City ordinance #188 states that �No vehicle or vehicles shall be parked on any of the public streets or alleys in the City of Vermillion between the hours of 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. without permission of the Mayor or Police of said city�.  The penalty for parking on streets on those hours is a fine not exceeding $25.00.

Robert Merrill opened the Vermillion Community Artist series on October 20th.

The big, 5 passenger car champion deluxe coupe, 1953 Studebaker, is available delivered in Vermillion for $1,984.77 with standard equipment.  State and local taxes, if any, extra.  White sidewall tires and chrome wheel discs optional at extra cost.  Check it out at Swenson & Donahoe.

Due to increased costs of bakery flour and action taken by large bakery companies servicing this area, All Jacobsen Bread has increased two cents per loaf.

Something new and different is here; it is called �Hi-Fi�.  It is a radio phonograph that plays and produces music with such a degree of tonal perfection; it is just as though you were in the presence of the orchestra or artist.

The latest talk about television is that it hurts the eyes of many when they watch it.

The cost of coffee served by the cup in Vermillion restaurants is scheduled to go up in price on Monday.  Served with a roll, cupcake or other food item the price per cup will be seven cents.  Served alone the price will be ten cents a cup.  The jump in the price of coffee per pound makes the increase necessary.

South Dakotans will start the New Year with something new in their pockets�their driver permits.  The driver permit law, passed in the 1953 legislative session goes into effect in January 1954.

End 1953

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