Sesquicentennial Highlights


The REA office will be moved this week to their new modern building on Highway 50 east of the city.

The man that robbed the Thorson home in the Westreville area has been sentenced to three years in the state penitentiary for grand larceny by Judge C. C. Puckett.  He was taken to the penitentiary by Sheriff Joe O�Connor the day after the sentence was passed.

There are over 21,000 books available to readers at the Vermillion Public Library.

At a meeting Friday night the City Council approved a motion to advertise for bids for the purchase of lights, bleachers and other equipment for the Prentis Park baseball field.  The equipment, installed by the Community Athletic Association, has been offered to the city by the Association for $7,500.  To make a purchase in that amount the city must advertise for bids.  The registered voters have returned 967 cards with 740 voting in favor of the purchase and 205 against and 12 cards unsigned.  The council also received a petition asking that a roller skating rink be established.

From the �Remember When� column of the Plain Talk, it states that a contract was let for a new residence to be built by C. E. Prentis on Court Street.  Fairview residents voted to build a new town hall and the post office was handling 558 pounds of mail a day.

DOLLAR DAYS IN VERMILLION:  Meisenholder Department Store has the following bargains.

80 square print percale, 4 yards for $1.00; 15 cent wash cloths, 8 for $1.00;  Men�s fancy cotton anklets, 2 for $1.00; Men�s nylon anklets, plain colors, 2 for $1.00.

A month ago a petition bearing the names of 212 young citizens�all teenagers was presented to the city council with a request that some area in the city be made available for roller skating during the summer.  Through the courtesy of the Vermillion Eagles Club, a roller skating rink will be opened on the concrete parking area just east of the Eagles clubroom building.  Colored lights have been put up by the city to give a carnival atmosphere and a nickelodeon will provide music for skating.

The first shipment of Magnavox Television sets has arrived at Modern Electric and are on display at the store.

Jacobsen Bakery specials this week include, Raisin Bread, 22 cents; Dozen pan rolls, 19 cents; Pineapple pies, 55 cents; and dessert cups, 4 for 15 cents.

The City Council has approved a new salary schedule for city employees.  The Mayor�s salary is set at $1200.00 annually and each Alderman at $600.00 annually.  These figures represent an increase of $600.00 a year in the salary of the Mayor and $300.00 a year for the Alderman.

The new Coyote Motel will hold an open house on June 21, 1953.  Mr. & Mrs. Jeb Collins extend a cordial invitation to everybody in the entire area to come and help celebrate their open house.  It is the finest, most modern motel in the area.  The motel is approved by AAA and recommended by Duncan Hines.

The total assessed valuation of all personal and real property in the city is set at $4,472,180.  This represents an increase of $156,830 over the total for 1952.  One new item, television sets, was added to the assessment lists this year.  The evaluation of the sets in Vermillion is listed at a total of $16,395.  There were 1207 assessments of household furnishings in the city.

A decrease in federal income taxes of approximately 10% is scheduled to go into effect on January 1, 1954.

Vermillion has had many grocery stores over the years.  A significant feature of the grocery stores in the main business district of Vermillion is that most of them are home owned business firms.  The Abrahamson store was started by Nels Abrahamson in 1924 as a general store on the northeast corner of Main and Center Streets.  Seven years ago he moved the grocery store further west on Main Street.  The Council Oak Store, a unit of a chain, has been located in Vermillion since 1930.  The newest store is Quality Market owned by Dick Tonseth and Van Dale Larson.  The Hinchliff grocery is run by Harold Hinchliff and is located on Main Street.  The City Meat Market is one of the oldest grocery stores in Vermillion.  In 1921, Tony Hugener purchased it from Larry Houlton and in 1947; F. C. Michels bought it and added groceries.  In 1949 Tom Rabusch and Bud Christensen became co-owners of it.  The Stop & Shop grocery store was originated by the parents of Nate Hurowitz as a general store in 1923.  After Nate returned from service he purchased the business from his parents and changed it into a grocery store and meat market.  Clifford�s Market is operated on East Main by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clifford.  The O. P. Skaggs grocery store was opened in 1947.  W. C. Olawsky purchased the store in September of 1951 and continued to operate it in the same building in which it originated.

The Dakota Republican, which was consolidated with the Vermillion Plain Talk in 1947, was first published in July 1861 and suspended publication in the fall of the same year.  After that many different editors had come and gone.  In 1923, Mr. J. B. Townsley purchased the interest from Mr. Danforth.  Mr. Austin Lathrop was the other owner, thus the firm name was Lathrop and Townsley until sold to the Plain Talk.  The Vermillion Plain Talk was established in 1883 by Thos. H. Ayres, a radical Democrat.  When Andrew E. Lee was elected governor in the late nineties, Mr. Ayres went to Pierre as his private secretary and sold the Plain Talk to W. R. Colvin.  The next owner after Mr. Colvin�s death was A. L. Davenport.  He died in 1921 and C. T. Bolstad purchased the paper.  After Mr. Bolstad�s death in 1939, D. C. and Guy DeVany bought the paper.  In 1949 W. S. & Lois Gibson became owners.  In 1953, Mr. & Mrs. Gibson are the current owners.

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