USD submits new logo for trademark

As part of its ongoing process of rebranding, the University of South Dakota submitted a new logo for trademark approval earlier this month.

The logo features the letters S and D intertwined a symbol USDs director of marketing hopes can be more easily associated with the school on a national level than the U.

What people have been liking about it is it has a classic, timeless look. That was one of our objectives in doing this, Bob Fitzpatrick said. The feeling has been this is a much better representation of the university on a larger basis, on a regional and national level.

Fitzpatrick said the logo has been presented to various constituencies on campus, including the Student Government Association and members of the USD Foundation.

Presentations have been made in several classes, as well.

The logo replaces the U., which has been the symbol of USD since 2002. Fitzpatrick said that with the growth of online and distance education and the schools move to Division I played a major role in the change.

Were being thrust into a bigger spotlight, he said. In the past weve had logos that have included USD, S.D. and most recently the U., so theres no set answer to this thing. But an important part of it, again, a logo is a mark. Its one piece of a brand identity, and there will be a full family of brand-identifiers in their proper context. Were confident that people will like what they see.

According to one story in USDs campus newspaper, The Volante, one criticism of the new design is that it fails to incorporate a U.

However, Fitzpatrick said there have been very, very positive reactions to the fact that the university is making a change at all.

There has been very little resistance in terms of people saying, Dont change anything. In fact, theres been none, he said.

A more definitive timeline as to the implementation of the new logo and other aspects of rebranding will probably be released within the next few weeks, Fitzpatrick said.

All I can say is, were aiming toward introducing this for the next academic year. But we havent put a specific date on it, he said. The fall of 2011 our goal is to be up and running with new merchandise in stores and new logo representation on major pieces of communication.

He added that the university is trying to be as upfront with the public as possible throughout the process.

Its a little frustrating because there are certain things we dont know yet, so we cant reveal everything, he said. But people have been appreciative of the information that they are getting.

At this early stage in the process, there could still be changes, Fitzpatrick said.

There is still a slight chance that this may not be our logo, he said. There are unforeseen obstacles that could occur. But were basically confident, and we like it.

The university is working with Lawrence & Schiller of Sioux Falls on the design of the logo, as well as other aspects of the rebranding project.

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