USD Veterans Club to honor fallen soldiers

The USD Veterans Club will be honoring the fallen veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Starting at 1 p.m. on Sunday, April 10 on the grass North of Old Main on the campus of the University of South Dakota, the club will start setting up its annual flag display to honor each member of the U.S. military who has died while serving the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This display will remain standing for one week and will be watched over 24 hours a day by a sentry. This year, club members will be putting up more than 5,900 flags, each one representing one of the dead. 

At 6 p.m. each day of next week, the club will honor the fallen veterans with a small ceremony where a few words will be said, and if a person or group would like to lay a wreath or flowers, it can be done at that time.  Also at this time the club will be adding additional flags for any war fatalities experienced during the week.

The club will conclude each evening ceremony with a changing of the guard as the night sentry takes his watch, and Taps is played.  The USD Veterans Club will also be honoring three university alumni who have sacrificed their lives during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The club urges the public to visit the campus, view the display of flags, and honor fallen veterans.

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