VHS tennis loses to Yankton, S.C. North

A 10-6 victory for James May at No. 3 singles provided Vermillion's only team point as the Tanagers opened the boys tennis season in a triangular at Yankton Saturday.

VHS dropped an 8-1 dual to the host Bucks and lost to Sioux City North, 9-0.

May won his match over Yankton's Ryan Shindler as the Tanagers tangled with the Bucks. 

The next action for Coach Dan Hanson's tennis team will come Tuesday in a 4 p.m. home match against Brandon Valley.

Yankton 8, VHS 1


1. Wes McBride lost to J. Cap, 10-2.

2. Ethan Druin lost to M. Hunhoff, 10-2.

3. James May defeated R. Shindler, 10-6.

4. Camden Raizola lost to M. Jones, 10-0.

5. Tyler Osborne lost to B. Jensen, 10-5.

6. David Day lost to B. Frick, 10-4.


1. McBride/Raizola lost to Cap/Hunhoff, 10-3.

2. Druin/Day lost to Shindler/Jones, 10-7.

3. M. Walker/McBride lost to Jensen/Frick, 10-8.

S.C. North 9, VHS 0


1. McBride lost to A. Erickson, 10-4.

2. Druin lost to C. Habermann, 10-2.

3. May lost to C. Maurer, 10- 3.

4. Raizola lost to D. Olk, 10- 3.

5. Osborne lost to J. Siminger, 10-5.

6. Day lost to P. Melo, 10-7.


1. McBride/Raizola lost to Erickson/Habermann, 10-6.

2. Druin/Day lost to Olk/Sininger, 10-1.

3. Walker/McBride lost to Maurer/Nick Ahlquist, 10-11 (3-7).

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