Bluffs Bulletin: May 20, 2011

Thunderstorms keep WELL off course

Mother Nature is still not cooperating with the WELL. Thunderstorms kept the ladies off the course May 11, but didn�t stop a few from having some fun. 

Six ladies participated in a wild game of 31. Jennifer Steele came out the winner (again). Looking forward to blue skies and warm temps next week.

Seniors participation at 24

On May 10, the seniors had the best turn out this season. The format of the day was match play. The best score of the day was a 36 turned in by Rex Huska, Pat Boyle and Elmer Mount. Their team was three up in the match. The second best score was a 37, which put their team two up in the match.  This three-man team was made up of Rod Tieman, Ray Lynn and Bob Lund. 

An 18-foot birdie putt was recorded on this card at hole #8, but no one on the team recorded who got the credit for the putt. Another team with a 37 was Bob Bowker, Vern Holter and Cleland Cook.  They defeated their opponents up five. The final match with a 40 was the team of Max Andersen, Gary Prasek and Fritz Bartels. Their margin of victory was up 1.

Wednesday morning ladies stay inside

May 11 was another Mother Nature Surprise Day!

Golfers this morning were not sure if golfing was a good idea.  Edith Nelson, Karine Amundson and I (Pat) were not sure to golf or not to golf. Well it was not the nicest at 8:45 a.m. so we decided � Not to golf.

Next week: hopefully!  Ok � it has to get better, right?

We did have a great group of ladies at luncheon � 23. This is fantastic since we at this point in time have 30 members and more yet to join us.  The meal was great � love the casserole. Thanks Jon (Cherry Street Grille).

Desserts were (and I did try both) great and I was tempted to have another. Today Agnes Mockler and Ann Stewart were our treaters! Thank you.

Our latest new member is Virginia Johnson. Welcome Virginia � you will enjoy being part of our group of wonderful friends.

Well, our first $5 drawing was today and the lucky lucky lady � Ann Stewart!

Quarters were won by: Jan Chapman, Edith Nelson, Sue Kappenman, Rose Mart, Ann Stewart (see what I mean � lucky lady), Marlys Jensen, Joan Olson (one of our new member this year), and Mary Bartels.

There is no Golf Report � some day I will have one to give � if Mother Nature is nicer to us. 

Bridge Report:  Last week � Ellie Davis was the winner.  That is about all I have. High ? Low? Today�s card game will be in  my report next week.

Dominoes Report:  I am a bit behind. The game results for May 4 (there were three groups) are as follows:

Round I � Joyce Zimmerman, Beth Silvano, and Thelma Raines.

Round II � Rose Mart, Vaneta Youngworth, and Thelma Raines.

Round III � Rose Mart, Vaneta Youngworth, and Mary Bartels.

Total Score � Barb Boone, Beth Silvano, and Ann Stewart.

May 11 � (there were three groups again) What a turnout!! Today the game was GOLF. Well at least someone got to "Golf" and not have the weather get in the way…tee hee!!

Round I � closest to 18 � Ann Stewart, Darlene Engbrecht, and Karine Amundson.

Round II � closest to 72 without going over � Barb Boone, Joan Olson, and Janet Hof.

Round III � shortest hole is 90 yards so closest to 90 � Barb Boone, Rose Mart, and Sue Kappenmann.

Total Score � this was tricky � June asked me what the best score was this morning � well-tough � no golf today so I just threw out a score (which of course has never been my best ever) and chose 56. So the winners closest to 56×2=112 are:

Ann Stewart, Agnes Mockler, and Beth Silvano.

Many of the above winners are not and maybe never golfed. They did pretty good the dominoes way!

 No doubt these was a lot of laughter! I wish to state that June Wagner is doing a fantastic job as our new chairperson.

Laugher is a great thing and there is never a shortage of that at the Wednesday Morning golf, luncheon, dominoes or any of the card games. Come join us and have a little or a lot of fun!

Pat Steckelberg – Reporter

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