Youth 2011 State Bowling Results


(399 & Under)

The Champions 5th


Team Awesome 5th

Alley Cats 6th

Bowling Ballers 29th


(199 & Under)

Sharrie Stammer & Alyssa Soesbe 35th

Kayla Andersen & Devin Andersen


Dylan Rothschadl & Bryson Turner



Jacob Peterson & Rylan Craig 2nd

Sam Craig & Braiden Tucker 8th

Brett Hansen & Ryan Brunick 11th

Bradyn Rusher & Logan Peterson


Kayla Stammer & Katie Kost 88th

Boys� Singles

(99 & Under)

Devin Andersen 10th

Dylan Rothschadl 18th

Bradyn Rusher 46th

Bryson Turner 63rd


Brett Hansen 8th

Sam Craig 12th

Jacob Peterson 23rd

Logan Peterson 47th

Ryan Brunick 51st

Girls� Singles

(99 & Under)

Alyssa Soesbe 22nd

Sharrie Stammer 39th

Kayla Andersen 43rd


Katie Kost 10th


Kayla Stammer 32nd

Girls� All Events Handicapped

(99 & Under)

Alyssa Soesbe 10th

Kayla Andersen 11th

Sharrie Stammer 42nd


Katie Kost 28th


Kayla Stammer 30th

Girls� All Events Scratch

(99 & Under)

Alyssa Soesbe 1st

Sharrie Stammer 31st


Katie Kost 32nd


Kayla Stammer 39th

Boys� All Events Handicapped

(99 & Under)

Devin Andersen 27th

Dylan Rothschadl 54th

Bradyn Rusher 76th

Bryson Turner 79th


Sam Craig 1st

Brett Hansen 3rd

Jacob Peterson 11th

Logan Peterson 25th

Braiden Tucker 50th

Rylan Craig 63rd

Ryan Brunick 71st

Boys� All Events Scratch

(99 & Under)

Devin Andersen 11th

Dylan Rothschadl 58th

Bryson Turner 62nd


Sam Craig 9th

Brett Hansen 17th

Jacob Peterson 22nd

Braiden Tucker 50th

Logan Peterson 51st

Ryan Brunick 67th

Rylan Craig 80th

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