Historic Preservation Commission to meet

The annual spring gathering of the Clay County Historic Preservation Commission will occur Saturday, May 21, in downtown Vermillion at 15 Court St. (former location of Heart & Soul Fitness).

Scheduled events include:

� 9:30 a.m. Will Schweinle:  Restoring and working with woodworking planes. A demonstration of the restoration process, and a chance to test-drive some of Will�s hot rods.

� 10:30 a.m.  Steve Howe, Jim Wilson, and John Erikson:  Inspecting historic houses. A discussion of tactics, techniques, problems, and possibilities.

� Noon. Lunch. Who says there�s no such thing as a free lunch? Also: John Grayson will be restoring a vintage light fixture before our very eyes.

� 1 p.m.  Tom Thaden:  A walking tour of the USD campus.  You think you know those buildings?

�  2 p.m.  Jim Wilson:  Downtown masonry tour. Architecture is all around us, but better appreciated with some expert insight. 

 Free and open to the public.

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