Letter: Hummingbirds need help

Dear Bird Lovers � With all the wonky weather we've been having, even the birds are confused. A case in point � the Ruby Throated Humming Birds. They're here now. Unfortunately, there's no nectar for them in the gardens. No honeysuckle, no nothing.

They need the energy from nectar to catch bugs, which is what they eat. So, please help them by putting out homemade nectar until nature kicks in. Get out those feeders � or buy one. Make sure they are scrupulously clean. No detergent. Use only vinegar and warm water. Check for mold and scrub away with toothbrushes and pipe cleaners.

Then, dissolve one part white sugar to four parts water (I use filtered) on the stove. Let it cool and put it out. If you don't plan to change the nectar every day, then boil it for three or four minutes. That helps to keep the mold down. Mold is deadly to hummies.

There�s so much horror in the world and we feel helpless. I mean, it�s overwhelming. Here is one small, positive thing we can do in our own back yards.

Vicky Winteringham

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