Residents along Missouri River alerted to higher water flows

Clay County officials are alerting residents along the Missouri River to prepare for significantly higher

water levels as the Corps of Engineers increases releases from the dams.

The Clay County Commission has issued a state of emergency and has opened the county Emergency Operations Center (EOC) effective Sunday, May 29, to assure a coordinated response to the increased flows on the river.

Winter snowmelt and spring rains have raised some of the Missouri River reservoirs to record levels.  Releases from Gavin�s Point Dam in Yankton will reach record levels by mid-June. 

The release will be at 85,000 cfs on June 2, 130,000 on June 7 and 150,000 by mid-June. The Clay County Office of Emergency Management is coordinating preparation and response to the higher water levels with local, state agencies and the Corps of Engineers.

Residents along the river are urged to take basic precautions to protect themselves and their property from flooding and bank erosion, which will cause large portions of property including homes to fall into the river. 

Those steps include:

  • Safeguard your possessions.  Put copies of insurance policies, financial records and other critical documents in a waterproof container, along with an inventory of major household items.


  • Make sure the sump pump is working and consider a battery-operated backup.  Consider adding a sewer plug to your system.


  • If possible, move furniture and valuable items such as photo albums and family keepsakes to a safe place.


  • Be prepared to evacuate your residence if the situation worsens.

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