Sesquicentennial Highlights

From the files of the Plain Talk


A wide screen has been installed in the Co-Ed Theatre and will be in use the first time on Sunday.  The screen is almost as wide as the Co-Ed Theatre building.  The first feature to be shown on the new screen will be �Living It Up� starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

A delegation from the Chamber of Commerce will meet with the Commissioners of Dixon County, Nebraska at Ponca to discuss the matter of establishing a ferry route across the Missouri River.  The proposed ferry landing would be at Mulberry Point south of Vermillion.

Work on the construction of the new Austin & Jolley school buildings was proceeding at a rapid pace this week.  The building schedule calls for the two schools to be completed and ready for occupancy about Sept. 1, 1955.

Dakota Hospital admitted its 20,000th patient on Sept. 27, 1954.  The first patient was admitted on Oct. 14, 1935.

The Hotel Burke is now serving the Continental dinner (formerly called Smorgasbord), every Sunday from 11:30 to 1:30.  All you can eat for $1.25 and children .75 cents.  Reservations accepted but not necessary.

The Flap Jack Carnival, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, will be held on Saturday, Oct. 23rd.  Free pancakes and coffee will be served all day.  George B. German, the roving farm reporter of WNAX will be on hand and plans to record a program on the spot through his interviews with folks present.

Plans for further action is promoting the installation of a ferry crossing on the Missouri River south of Vermillion now await word on the availability of ferry equipment.


Ninety seven Clay County motorists applied for their 1955 auto license plates on the first day they were on sale.  The exact same number were sold on the first day in 1954.

At the City Council meeting this week, a resolution was introduced to hold its regular meeting on the first Monday of each month and then hold a second scheduled meeting the third Monday.  This change is necessary so the Council sessions will not be held until midnight.

An appropriation in the amount of $700,000 to build the new Business Administration Building has been recommended to the legislature in the Governor�s budget.

According to R. J. Krueger, local manager of the telephone office, about 8 to 10 thousand calls are being handled in Vermillion each day.  If the number you are calling is busy, try again in a few minutes.

The Vermillion Police made 115 arrests in 1954.  The leading cause was public intoxication with 39 arrests. Speeding has 21 arrests and there were 19 arrested for driving while intoxicated. Other arrests were for grand larceny; assault to do bodily harm; indecent exposure and other arrests. The report also told of 79 auto accidents in 1954 in Vermillion. March and December were the worst months for accidents because of bad roads and slippery streets.

At a second reading of the ordinance that dog owners must have their dogs vaccinated for rabies.  Owners must produce a certificate of vaccination as a prerequisite to obtaining a license.

Sletwold Flower Shop received payment this week for flowers purchased by a student in 1942. A note explained that the gentleman just ran across the bill in an old trunk. It had apparently been placed in the trunk with other items just before he joined the Army in 1942. The student now lives in California.

There will be a change in the prefix number on auto license plates issued in Clay County in 1956. The new number for Clay County will be 19 to replace the present 14 prefix.

Hey kids (under 12), Austin Dairy is presenting a free show on Saturday, Feb. 5th at the Co-Ed Theatre.  The feature show will be �Keystone Kops� featuring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.  (Kids you have to earn 25 points by following the instructions in our advertisement in the Plain Talk.)  All you need for a free ticket are 25 points.

The Boston Pops Tour Orchestra will present a concert at Slagle Auditorium on Sunday night.  This is the final concert for the year of the Vermillion Community Artists Series for the current season.  Arthur Fiedler will conduct the orchestra.  Reserved seats are available at Davis Pharmacy or at the box office Sunday night.  Cost is $2.50 for adults and $1.50 for children.

Gov. Joe Foss signed the bill appropriating $650,000 for the construction of the new Business Administration building on the USD campus.

Plans for changing all Vermillion telephones to dial service was announced today by R. J. Krueger, the Northwest Bell Manager.  The company will spend about $245,000 making the change.

Saturday specials at Jacobsen�s Bakery include raisin bread, 24 cents per loaf; wiener buns, 26 cents per dozen; apple turnovers, 5 cents each; white sugar cookies, 30 cents per dozen.

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