Sesquicentennial Highlights

Excerpts from the Plain Talk


The Tounsend Plan for National Insurance is still a lively topic of discussion.  This is a pension plan which would be financed by placing a two per cent tax on the gross incomes of businesses and individuals.  Every citizen over 60 would be eligible for a pension of around $135.00 per month.  The money received in pensions would have to be put back in circulation within 30 days through payments for goods and services. Proponents of the plan contend that this would serve to stimulate business by keeping spending at a constant level.

Would you believe there were 180,500 chickens on Clay County farms in 1954?  This is according to the State Federal Corp. and Livestock Reporting Service.  Now that�s a lot of chickens.

Grand opening of the new Dairy Queen will be held Saturday.  Clark Swisher is the owner and manager will be Curley Reiger.

Lewis Radigan was elected Chief of the Vermillion Volunteer Fire Department at the annual meeting.  Joe Reedy was named first assistant chief and Stanley Larson will serve as second assistant chief during the following year.

A new trailer court will be opened next week on north Plum Street by J. H. Rudebusch.  You could win $10.00 by naming the trailer court.  The court has been laid out for 30 trailers.

The new Danforth Meditation Chapel on the campus was dedicated on Sunday afternoon.  The total cost of the chapel will be about $17,000.00.

The 1954 Studebaker�s advanced styling insures you a high resale value.  The �54 Champion custom 2-door, 6 passenger sedan is priced at $1831.61, delivered locally at Swenson and Donahoe.

The Dallas Jewelry Company is holding a grand opening this weekend in their beautiful new store on Main Street.  The new store was formerly occupied by the Coyote Barber Shop.  The store has been completely redecorated with soft colors and new modern lighting.  Dallas Christopherson, owner of the store has been in the jewelry business in Vermillion since 1946.

The Vermillion Lions will be selling brooms made by the blind.  The project is a part of the Lions benefit program for the blind.

Are you taking a vacation and don�t know where to leave your dog?  The New Dog Motel in Sioux City, IA will be a good place to check out.  They have reasonable rates, air conditioning and individual runways.  Pick up the phone and call 29-3325 for more information.

The Lion�s Club initiated a request for an insect control program this summer in Vermillion.  The chief purpose for the proposed program is the elimination of mosquitoes.  Support has also come from Civic Council, Chamber of Commerce and several other organizations.  A motion was made by Alderman Lee that the city orders the necessary insecticide and assign two city employees to make an initial spraying with equipment which may be available.  The motion carried with one dissenting vote.  The first spraying will be done in alleys and ditches where water has collected.

Everyone better keep their driver�s license handy as a spot check on cars and drivers is now being made at various points throughout the state by officers of the state highway motor patrol.  At one point this week several drivers were taken into court because they did not have their drivers permit with them.  Checks will also be made on lights, brakes, horns, windshield wipers and license plates.  Better make your own check now.

The Rev. L. P. Valentine, a member of the first USD football team attended the graduation exercises this year.  He was on the 1890 squad.  He was born in Glenwood Township in Clay County and graduated in 1895.  While attending USD he served as the Pastor of the Baptist Church at Spirit Mound.  He now lives in Los Angeles.

Dr. E. M. Stansbury announced this week that he is retiring from the general practice of medicine.  He has practiced medicine elsewhere and in Vermillion for the past 45 years and for 15 years has also been a member of the teaching staff of the USD Medical School.

The municipal swimming pool in Prentis Park which was installed some 25 years ago has proved a valuable community investment.

Over one third of Clay County homes have TV sets on the tax rolls.  According to the Clay County assessment rolls for 1954, 1,267 television sets were listed.  Last year the number was 291.  About one family in three in the city of Vermillion has sets.

In the �Days of Yore� column in this edition of the Plain Talk, the following information was found. � In 1889, H. J. Austin, the surveyor, left for Ft. Pierre, where he will remain until September. He drove up in his buggy.  In 1879, Col. Jolley introduced Judge Kidder who gave the Fourth of July address.  At least five thousand people were here for the celebration.  Everybody had a good time and nobody got put in the calaboose, and all went home satisfied with themselves and pleased with Vermillion.�

�In 1876, Clay County real estate did not fetch the fancy prices that it did in later years.  On Feb. 24th of 1876, Andrew E. Lee purchased 680 acres from E. M. Bond for $12.50 an acre. This land is located 1 � miles northwest of Vermillion and was known for years as the Lee and Prentis farm.�

�In the decade from 1870-1880 many new enterprises were stared in vermillion while some of the old ones faded out.  A steam cracker factory began in 1874 and made all kinds of crackers and cookies.  F. M. Smith started a cheese factory in 1887 on 12st street near the river.  A building to house a brewery was constructed along the ravine road but no beer was ever brewed there.  The building was later used as a cheese factory.�

Sooner or later and probably not too much later, the City Council may find it necessary to employ a full time municipal engineer.  There are many city properties and special project which should be under the constant supervision of a technically trained and experienced man.  At present the council must rely on services of an engineering consulting firm on a retainer fee bases.  It was suggested at the council meeting that a fund for a fulltime engineer be included in the budget for the coming year.

Elaine Bruyer was named the Days of 59 Princess.

Nels Abrahamson, who has been in the grocery business for 29 years in Vermillion, announced this week that he is closing his store.

Viken�s Youth and Children�s wear store will open its doors this week in the building formerly occupied by Dallas Jewelry.

A wide screen has been installed in the Co-ed Theatre and will be in use the first time on Sunday.  The screen is almost as wide as the building.  The first feature to be shown on the new screen will be �Living It Up� starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

A delegation from the Chamber of Commerce will meet with the Commissioners of Dixon County, NE at Ponca to discuss the matter of establishing a ferry route across the Missouri River.  The proposed ferry landing would be at Mulberry Point south of Vermillion.

Work on the construction of the new Austin & Jolley grade school buildings was proceeding at a rapid pace this week.  The schools are to be ready for occupancy about Sept 1, 1955.

The Hotel Burke is now serving the continental Dinner (formerly called smorgasbord), every Sunday.  All you can eat for $1.25 for adults and 75 cents for children.  Reservations accepted but not necessary.

The Flap Jack Carnival, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, will be held on Saturday, October 23rd.  Free pancakes and coffee will be served all day.  George B. German, the roving farm reporter of WNAX will be on hand and plans to record a program on the spot through his interviews with folks present.

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Peterson have opened a new caf�, The Tip Top in a building near the March Theatre.

Notice: The Sunday Continental Dinner at the Burke Hotel has been discontinued until further notice.

End 1954

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