Vermillion man, 83, gets second hole-in-one; first since 1980s


What it is, is a big surprise.

There are many golfers that go through their careers without a hole-in-one, but for 83-year-old Elmer Mount, lightning struck twice.

Mount aced the 90-yard fifth hole with a pitching wedge at The Bluffs Golf Course Tuesday, May 10 in Vermillion, the first ace for him since the 1980s.

There are some very good golfers much better than I am that have never had one, Mount said. Sometimes the hole just gets in the way.

Not only was this Mounts second hole-in-one of his career, but what makes this one a little more special is it was on his wife Beverlys, birthday. Mounts first hole-in-one came a little over 24 years ago at the Parkston golf course, which he also hit with a pitching wedge from 115 yards away.

It was 24 years ago, but I was a little bit younger than, he said. It makes a difference.

Mount golfs nine holes around two or three days a week and he was playing with his regular trio that hes been golfing with for a long time alongside Vern Holter, Bob Lund and Don Baer.

These are people that Ive been golfing with many years, Mount chuckled. They suddenly got very thirsty.

The golfing portion of his life has only been for the last 40 years in Vermillion and Mount said that he took one 30-minute golf lesson when he first started out. He didnt take any more lessons after that, but it seemed to work out well for him.

He didnt play any sports during high school, because of not being big enough to play football or fast enough to be in track, but he does wish he would have started playing golf when he was a little younger.

If you play younger, youre more limber, you get that setup and you will carry that for the rest of your life, he said. If you wait till youre older, you look a little awkward and that is pretty much the way it stays.

His hole-in-one might just be one moment in time, but he has memories that will last forever. Mount has created friendships thanks to senior day on Tuesday for people that are 50 and older.

The average crowd each Tuesday is around 25 people and Dick Kellogg assigns who you play with, Mount said. We never know who we are going to play with and I know people now that I just wouldnt have known without this format.

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